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Dani... you ROCK! Seriously. Look in the mirror, smile at the beautiful soul you see, and tell her «Wow, you are amazing with all the sparkles this universe manages to reveal». Came across your blog a few days ago and am looking forward to some reading for the weekend. Thank you so much for sharing your self, your thoughts and your discoveries with the rest of us souls. Lots of love love LOVE from Switzerland and a man who used to call himself Mr. Negativity ;). Be brave, be kind, be proud, be lucky.


Thanks for the shout out. I'm gonna have to go through all these and interview some of these bloggers for the BlogcastFM.

Benno - YOU rock for leaving such an awesome comment! Thank you!! I love sparkles so that was some great imagery to think about. I'm so glad you found the blog and I hope you enjoy my posts. Like you used to be, I used to be all about negativity too and about a year ago I started changing my life. Since then, it's been awesome! Thanks again for the comment -- so cool to have a reader all the way in Switzerland!

Srinivas - You're welcome! I'm sure you'll know a lot of the blogs linked to here, but I bet you'll find some new ones to interview. BlogcastFM is awesome. Great project!

Wow, there's a whole lot of reading here! A great (and generous) way to end your month of love.

Oh, Dani you are an angel! I'll be like a kid in a candy store reading all these incredible articles!!

What a super idea for a post too, to find all these in one place. It obviously took YOU a ton of work. I know you are bringing many good things your way. All the best energy, and love to spare. 'Cause there's always more than enough love to go around!

I love this!!!

You can also check out my post:


Thanks for the mention, Dani! I'm glad to see that my post won first price for the biggest list ;)

That's a whole lot of happiness and positivity going on.

Good roundup and I like your links.

Hi Dani - Thanks a lot for including my post on this list. Really appreciate that. :)

This is a great list Dani !

Sami - Yes, there are definitely a LOT of articles in this post! Hope you enjoy them! :)

Jannie - Haha, I'm so glad you're going to enjoy these! It did take quite a bit of work to find and link to these articles, but I was more than happy to share the link love.

Marthe - Thanks! I'll definitely check out your post. It sounds like a great one!

Henri - You're welcome! Your post was awesome and I was happy to include it on the list.

J.D. - Yes it is! I hope you enjoy checking the links out!

Amanda - You're welcome. I really enjoyed reading your post and I was happy to share it.

Rocky - Thank you!!

Wow, a great collection of articles and sites, some of which are new to me. And it's a great honor to see my article is among one of them. Thanks, Dani!

The Conscious Life - I'm so glad you liked the list! Your article was great and I'm so happy I was able to include it on the list. :)

Dani...Happy Birthday Blog to you! I agree with the first commenter give yourself a big hug. Go back and read some of your first posts and celebrate how you've grown.


Tess xo

Tess - Thank you! I've come a long way since I've first started blogging and a lot of it has to do with great articles like the ones I've listed here. Thanks for being such an avid supporter of PP!


This is a really cool list. I can't wait to get through the whole thing! Thanks for sharing with all of us out here that admire what you've done here!


Mike - So glad you liked this list! It was fun to put it together. I'm sure you'll get a lot out of it once you read through the posts.

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