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Great post Dani. I think it people do see things different when they are in love. I actually don't know if I am in the truest, highest, form of love right now (do you have to be married to feel this?), but currently everyday, me and my girlfriend talk to each other every day. The only problem is the distance between us is the Pacific Ocean.

I enjoy talking to her even about the stupidest things that don't make sense. It's a good feeling to know that although we are thousands of miles away, we are still willing to hear and appreciate what each of us have to say. Your tips - seeking out positives and eliminating the negatives - are helpful to seeing the best in the other person. I do, however, think it is still possible to see the world this way, even when your not in love, by being more aware of the all the small things that happen in life.

Hulbert - Thanks for the comment. You definitely DO NOT have to be married to feel the highest form of love. Love is part of marriage, but marriage isn't part of love. However, I do think you know for sure when you're experiencing this type of love. There's no question when love is real and true -- and it can definitely change your perception of the world. However, as I said in the post, you can definitely see the world from this perspective if you choose to. Positivity is a choice, whether you're in love or not. :)

I like the way you connected the song to a practical skill ... even better than X-Ray glasses. Rose-colored ones actually do come in handy.

J.D. Meier - Thanks! I'm glad you liked this one. And I agree that rose-colored glasses definitely come in handy when it comes to seeing life from a more positive perspective!

Love yourself. That is the most important and I'm glad you listed it as #1. Too many people either settle or fall in love with someone who is not good for them because they lack self-love. If you don't love and respect yourself, no one else will. Thanks!

Patrice - I'm glad you liked that one because, like you, I really believe it's the most important. The most selfless thing you can do is love yourself. You have to love yourself before anyone can truly love you.

Seeing life through the eyes of love, for me, makes anything seem possible. It's such a motivation because I know in my heart I have something that's true and will last.

Faizal - When you're in love, everything really DOES seem possible, which is why it's so wonderful to see through the eyes of love whenever you can. Thanks for the comment!

Seeing through the eyes of love can look like roses but I know to look for the thorns. I agree that loving who I am has to be first. I can't love another in a healthy way without first doing that.

Syd - You're right about the fact that we have to also be aware of the thorns. There are many great things about love and seeing life through the eyes of love, but we must also be careful not to be blinded to reality. Loving ourselves is definitely the first step and if we love ourselves we're more likely to see the roses AND the thorns and steer ourselves away from the thorns (negativity) in our lives.


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