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Love is also strong and a source of strength. there are times were I want to quit doing something and maybe I would if I were doing them for myself but since I am doing them for myself and my partner I carry on.

You think I can add anything to that??

To me love is the deepest core of what we are. It radiates out with our attention, at whatever we fix our loving focus on. When we engage anything with love, be it a person or thing, we feel joy, and create joy in equal measure (though some people are unable to recognise or appreciate love... to bad for them).


Quinn - It really is such a great source of strength. That's a great point! It's also so unselfish, as you've highlighted in your comment here.

Andrew - Haha, yeah, it does cover a lot! Love does become magnified when we focus our attention on something (or someone). Love really is an amazing thing!

I would like to add "respect" to that list. My husband and I always say that the #1 foundation for our love & relationship is a mutual respect...and that truly makes me feel on top of the world when I experience that one!

Recently the only thing I had to say on Twitter was this: "Always come from a place of love. Always."

It really is what makes the world go 'round!

Michelle - That's a great one! Respect is SO important in any relationship and especially in one involving love. I love that quote and I'm going to post it on Twitter right now!

"Love" what you said here, Dani: "Love is grander than that. Any box it's put in, it explodes from, shattering all of our expectations and leaving us staring up at it like the brilliant sparks sent flying from fireworks." In my opinion, this is a perfect way to explain love.

The list is pretty accurate but I'd also add adventure. Love is an adventure. It's never a constant thing. It waxes and wanes, surprises you, sometimes disappoints you and is exciting and comforting.

Sami - So glad you liked it! :) Adventure is a great one to add. Love is most definitely an adventure and that's what makes it so exciting!

> Your life could be chaos, everything could feel like it's falling apart, but when you're with the one you love, you feel calm. You feel safe.
That's a perfect way to capture the essence.

Aside from the 9 positive list you have stated here, I want to add the positive aspects of Sacrifice and Forgiveness. I cannot think of any other powerful manifestation of love other than these two. However, they are difficult to convey. :-)

J.D. - I'm glad you liked that! I really think it's a great summary of love. When you love someone, you feel at peace with him or her.

Walter - Those are great additions to the list! Sacrificing for and forgiving those you love are two of the most important things you can do when it comes to love. Thanks for adding those!

Love the quote. My initial reaction was AWEEEEEE!!!!
Nice post we all need love in out life. Now just imagine if we all lived with love. I think earth would be a duplication of heaven. What do you think?

Heeeeey Dani!
Pretty Heart Snowball :) Did you make it?

I really enjoyed this post, one of the better ones I have read in a long time! Thanks for starting my day with a smile:)


Jonathan - So glad you liked the quote! I had many love-related quotes to choose from, but this one really stuck out to me. It's pretty crazy to imagine what the world would be like if we all lived with love. It would definitely be an amazing, heavenly place.

Diggy - Thanks! I did make it. We received another huge batch of snow yesterday, but so far the power is still on (YAY!). I'm so glad you enjoyed the post!

Love is a verb. These qualities describe the results of love as a verb :)

Jeremy - Thanks for your comment. Love IS a verb and that's a great way of putting it!

I think gratitude is one of the main things in a relationship, especially for men. I feel that when my partner appreciates what I do for her, it makes me want to do more and more. Once my partner stops appreciating then I won't want to go the extra mile for her anymore. It won't make me feel good because I'll feel as if she just expects it.

BeTrulyHappy - I agree that gratitude is so, so important. If you're not grateful for those who love you and if you don't feel as if you're appreciated, those relationships won't work. It's definitely so essential to be appreciative of your partner.

I think that my favorite is also serenity. It is so wonderful to be with a person and feel like you are in the eye of the hurricane (everything around you might be falling apart but between the two of you there is this magical stillness and peace).
Love also gives silence in my opinion. Only with a person you love you can sit for hours without saying a word and feel absolutely at ease. Two people who love each other can express their feelings without any words. I think that it is amazing to be with a person who knows and feels you so good that you do not need any words.

Anastasiya - I agree that serenity is one of the nicest things about love. It's great to feel at peace when you're with someone else. I also agree that love can bring about a calming silence. It's when you feel really comfortable with someone else that you can be completely silence and not feel awkward. That's a great point. Thanks for bringing it up!

I think that trust is a major part of a loving relationship. Without trust in the person I am with, the relationship is shaky at best. All the things that you noted are great. Over the long haul, love does change though. It becomes comfortable, filled with compassion for the other person and under pinned by respect.

Syd - I agree. Trust is crucial when it comes to a relationship of any kind. I've had a lot of trouble in the past with relationships and I know now that a lot of that had to do with the fact that I had great difficulty trusting others. Now that I'm working on that, I am able to have much more positive, loving relationships.

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