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amazing post as usual. One of the big problems i learned from positive thinking is that many people in the world choose to live the life how they want. Whenever they are negative they have chosen that. One thing that has helped me maintain a positive attitude is sharing what i've learned with others. Doing that has made a big difference. Before i felt like personal development was a big secret, so therefore i hardly shared anything. Now its the total opposite.

Great article Herm.

You know others think that people who think positively are depriving themselves of the truth. They think that us positive thinkers expect everything to go perfectly positive. When in actuality it's not that we expect everything to go positive but we make a choice (keyword choice) to see the positive in every situation, good or bad.

By choosing happiness and enforcing a positive focus on life situations, we become more optimistic about life. I love you 5 steps! Thanks for sharing!

Hi Dani,

Thanks for the post.

One of the things I have noticed looking back is that the people in my life showed me how negative or positive I was at the time. Like you said in step two, if you are negative, you are going to attract negative people.

I also had a hard time letting go of some negative people. It's not that they are bad people, it's just that they aren't good for us. And some of these people can even be positive at times and this part is definitely missed. But if somebody is negative too often, you often have to let them go. You have to accept the entire person and not just the good parts.

You inspire me, Dani!

One of the things that always keeps me going is imagining the future, creating a better way, and reminding myself that I'm the creator of my experiences.

I agree that there is a certain amount of control over one's level of happiness but I wonder what can you do to eliminate negativity when the actual source of that negativity is within your family? It's easier to avoid negative people if they are among your friends, colleagues, or co-workers, but family is a whole other thing. You certainly can't get rid of family. How would you deal with it then?

Number 1 and 5 are things that I always strive to do. When things are not sunny, I tell myself that being positive is 100% my choice and I should be mature enough to know to choose it. Great post, Danni. :)

Josten - Thank you! :) I'm so glad you thought this post was amazing. Like you, I also feel that sharing what I learn really helps me to reinforce my positive attitude while also (hopefully) opening up others' eyes to seeing the world positively.

Jarrod - Herm was actually the one who wrote the quote, but it's a great quote! I really agree with this point you brought up: "When in actuality it's not that we expect everything to go positive but we make a choice (keyword choice) to see the positive in every situation, good or bad." Being positive doesn't mean thinking that everything is great; it means looking for the good and making the most of whatever situation we're given.

Greg - You really do attract what you put out. If you choose positivity, you'll be surrounded by positive people, which is something I've discovered over the past year or so. It's really true that, in life, we get what we give.

Tara - Yay! :) I'm so happy you feel inspired by this post!

J.D. - I love the idea that we are creators of our experiences. It's so true and so many people don't realize that they have the power to create the lives they want to live -- positive or negative!

Marwah - Family is a tricky subject when it comes to eliminating negativity. It's not so easy to rid yourself of your family members simply because they are negative. But remember this: you can't change other people, but you can change how you view them and how you react to them. If you have a family that really brings you down, it's best to limit the amount of time you spend with them. If that's not possible, do your best to see the good in them and to focus on the positive things they do.

Meream - Great point about maturity. I feel sometimes as if negativity is a sign of immaturity, of always thinking things should go your way and being disappointed when they don't. I really like thinking about positivity as a mature attitude. Glad you brought that point up!

Great post! Very relevant to me right now because I am that negative person by habit and I really need to change that.

Jacinta - I'm glad you liked this one! It's been very hard for me to break negative habits, but I'm working on it every day. Practice makes perfect!

Another great post! I read your words and it is like exactly what I strive for day in and day out.If I could add anything from my own experiences it would be recognizing attachment to things or ideas that cause us unnecessary suffering.This could go with #2 ridding yourself of negativity,but sometimes when we are attached for all the wrong reasons we don't see it as negative,rather we strive relentlessly and hopelessly to make it better.Thanks.


Derrick - Thank you! You've brought up a really great point in your comment about recognizing attachment to unnecessary things/ideas/people. Some things are very negative for us (even if we don't want to admit it) and it's important to consider why we're attached to certain things and whether or not we need to be. Thanks for bringing up this point!

Thanks Dani. I always find some great writing here. I ask myself "what's my motive" when I get embroiled in things that may hurt me. If I inventory, I come up with the answer.

Syd - Thank you! :) That's a great question to ask yourself: "What's my motive?" It really does work for a number of situations and can, as you said, really help you take inventory.

Amazing post- this brightened my day... thanks.

Shannon - I'm so happy to hear that this post brightened your day! I hope your day keeps getting better. :)

I am so glad to have run across your website! It is wonderful & inspirational....so much appreciation!

Corenna - I'm so glad you found the site too! Thanks for reading and commenting!

very grateful to you for your blog and the words of encouragement, very Biblical and wise.
One of my goals is to keep my timeline upbeat, encouraging, inspirational and funny, so when ever someone needs a pick-me-up, or a chuckle, they can look there to find one......

Wow..Fabulous words of encouragement. I will try your words to be more positive in my life..Thank you your an inspiration

Julie - Thank you! I hope Positively Present will help you with your goal of having an upbeat attitude!

Linda - Thanks! I'm so glad to hear that these words could inspire you.

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