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Well, your mom seems like a very wise person. Makes me wish a had better role models in my family. On the other hand, we can learn valuable things from every person, even the ones who seem quite ordinary.

Eduard - My mom is definitely a wise woman and I've been very lucky to have such a great role model as a mother. However, I completely agree with your point about how we can learn valuable things from every person we meet. In order to do so, we have to pay attention and keep an eye out for lessons.

Your mom sounds like a really amazing woman :)

Dani, I would say that your mother embodies so much that is good. Happy birthday to her.

What a wonderful tribute! Sounds like a very special/wise lady! Great words of encouragment to live by for sure!

Michelle - She definitely is! :)

Syd - My mom definitely has a lot of goodness in her. Thanks for the birthday wishes for her!

Heidi - Thank you. She is certainly a wise and special person and she's shared some wonderful wisdom with me over the years.

Truly, your mother is a wise woman.
And so are you, to learn and know how to appreciate her advice.

Your mom seems pretty awesome. I have learned a great deal from my father and my stepmother.

Oh my gosh! What a special tribute! You are certainly very lucky to have your mom and your mom, you. I wish my children will be able to do this for me when I turn 60! Happy Birthday to your very amazing mother!

Wow.. You have just inspired me.. :) Thank you so much. You are very lucky to have such a wonderful mom.. Happy Birthday to her and I wish you both the best of luck.. God Bless!

Max - She absolutely is! I'm lucky to have her and to have already learned so much from her.

Josten - That's great to hear that you have people in your life that you can learn from too! I'm very fortunate to have a mother that has taught me so many wonderful lessons.

Evelyn - Yes, I'm a lucky girl! :) Thanks for the birthday wishes for my mom!

MC - I'm so glad this post inspired you! I'm definitely fortunate to have my mom in my life. Thanks for your comment!

Wow - agree with the consensus that you have a great mum! This reads like 60 blog post ideas right here - could keep you in articles for a long time. Thanks for sharing.


Wow, this is like a little manual for living life - what a treasure trove! It's such a blessing to have a mom you respect and admire.

My favorite is #54 Think highly of yourself. This is something I need to remind myself often - it's so important, but so difficult.

I'm fortunate that I also have a wise mother. I didn't really appreciate that until I was in my 30's.


I wish your Mom a very happy birthday today (and upcoming Mother's Day in a few weeks)!

She has obviously passed down a lot of wisdom to you.

I'm sure she will be thrilled to read this post. What a special gift to receive!

Phil - That's a great point. There are a lot of topics in this post that would work for blog posts. I'll have to get to work on them!

Eva - Yes, it's definitely a blessing to have a mom like mine. I'm glad you brought attention to #54. It's something most people need to do more of!

John - How wonderful that you also have the gift of a wise mother. It can take awhile to realize it, but once you do, it's such an inspiration.

Greg - I will definitely pass along your good wishes to her. She has shared so much wisdom with me and I'm so thankful for it. And, yes, you were right about her reading this post -- she loved it!

Your Mom really is a great mentor and model. It looks like you've learned a ton and I'm sure your appreciation touches her deeply.

These are excellent lessons you learned here. Looks like you have a very good mentor avilable for you! Have an amazing rest of the week.

J.D. - Yes, she really is. I'm so lucky to have her! She really did appreciate the post, which, of course, made me feel great!

Baker - I agree. My mom is filled with such great wisdom and I'm so lucky to have learned from her.

i respect ur mom....
at this moment...
i am missing my MOM very much....

Anis - I'm so sorry that you're missing your mom right now. That must be a terrible feeling. My thoughts are with you.

I just had to share this one on my blog.

Vicki - Thank you so much for sharing this on your blog! I really appreciate you spreading the word about Positively Present (and my awesome mom!). Hope you had a great Mother's Day!

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