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Hi Dani,

Hey, great post! I especially like it that you mention "support funny people by going to a comedy show". What a great point! Can you imagine trying to make in that business? It must be very hard -- but at least they are having fun. :)

I'm choosing to laugh today, too, Dani. Thanks for another wonderful contribution to RAOKA!

HI Dani,
Loved this post ...And adding laughter in our lives is truly the best contribution you can make to your life and to that of others.
Laughter does heal!!!
Much Love,
p.s.love the quotes :)

Lori - I agree that it must be really hard to try to make it as a comedian, which is why it's a really awesome thing to support them when we can.

Zeenat - Laughter really does make the world a better place. I'm so glad you loved the post and the quotes!

These are great tips!! When I'm feeling stressful or I feel like I'm taking life too seriously, I have a certain movie that's I'll pop in that makes me feel good and makes me laugh. And it never fails to make me feel better. Laughing is indeed the best medicine!!

Thanks for sharing!!


I love this post -- such a great idea! Laughter really does help everything.


I hope you're having a better week this week, Dani. Thank you for sharing with us how laughter helped you through some of it. G and I also had a tough week last week, a lot of really crazy things going on. But we were lucky to still have moments of rich, deep laughter in the midst of it, and I know these moments helped. As I mentioned on Zeenat's blog today, we also had a hysterical night Sunday night with friends, singing karaoke in our home. We laughed till we cried. What good medicine!

Dani, I hope you know that your gentle wisdom shines in our lives.

However, you can't say, "we realized that there are different types of laughter and different occasions when laughter is appropriate (one of which, I've learned, is not in the front row of a church)" without elaborating.


Hey Dani,

It's great to hear that laughter helped you get through a rough week. I hope this week has been better! :)

Thanks for the post!

Jarrod - Thanks! I'm glad you liked the tips. Putting in a funny movie when you're having a rough time is sure to cheer you up, which is why it's one of my favorite things to do when I'm feeling down.

Lauren - Laughter definitely has the power to make even the worst situations just a bit better. Thanks for your comment!

Chania Girl - Thank you! Things are definitely starting to look up. It sounds like laughter has helped you through some tough times recently too. Karaoke is a great way to get some comic relief in your life!

Gayze - Your comment put a smile on my face -- and made me laugh! :) I don't think I have enough space on this blog to talk about all of the times I've laughed when it wasn't necessarily appropriate! Haha.

Greg - It definitely did. Cliche as it might sound, it really is one of the best medicines out there. This week has definitely been better!

Hey Dani,
Rough weeks aren't all that fun...and yet...you found a way to make it better! Laughter really is a sweet medicine!! And...laughing at myself...I definitely do that one (that way, others are laughing WITH me, not AT me!!!!).

Have a laughter filled rest of your day!!

Hi Dani:

I enjoyed your post and suggestions for adding more humor into our lives. As I've shared on my blog, I chose "laughter" as my word for the year. Oh, and don't tell anyone else that I chose two additional words for the year, too ;) So your tips will come in handy as I approach this year...In any case, one way I've brought more humor is during a meditation/visualization session. I've actually visualized myself laughing and, in the process, started laughing. I actually get a light, peaceful feeling in my chest when I do this. The key, I suppose, is trying to make this feeling/attitude last. Thanks again!

Dani, I am also have a bit of a challenging week, but I am finding that laughter is helping me right through it! I certainly helps that I have three funny children who keep me laughing. Thanks for the other tips, too! Take care.

Lance - Laughter definitely helps to make rough days a LOT better. I hope your day is filled with lots of laughter!

Tim - Laughter is a great pick for your word of the year. Visualization of laughter sounds like a great way to add more laughter to your life. Thanks for sharing that tip.

Bobby - I hope your week is getting better and that laughter is helping you get through the tough parts. I'm sure your kids are helping to keep you entertained! :)

Have you do Laughter Yoga? It's hilarious. Everyone just...laughs! And the laughter is funny so then you really laugh. Remarkably good medicine :-)

Michelle - I've heard of that, but never tried it. It sounds like a lot of fun!

awesome post as always Dani ! I recently moved back to my parent's house so I've gotten a chance to hangout with my little brother more often and we definitely watch a lot of funny stuff together. It's been pretty awesome !

Rocky - Thank you! It's great that you've gotten some quality time with your brother lately. And even better that you've had the opportunity to laugh together!

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