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I am totally going to print out the poster and tape it to my door! It's nice and bright, something I need every morning. Thanks!

PP -

You seriously have a way with words and a passion for them. I agree that words shape our life - they have power meaning and nuance. They affect our life in huge ways. I love words on a page and words that we hear or overhear from others. I love quotes, my favourite is from Marianne Williamson ("Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate - it is that we are more powerful than we can possibly imagine".) Stirring stuff! Thanks for the download - great idea and true value.


A.D. - Yay! I'm so glad you liked the post and the download. I hope it cheer you up every morning when you see it!

Phil - Thank you so much! I love that Williamson quote as well. It's such a great one -- and so true. I'm happy you liked the download. Enjoy the quotes!

I too love words and how they are used. What is interesting is that we have so many words and such great powers to communicate, yet often we fail miserably to do so.

Syd - I agree. It's very interesting how we often have so much trouble communicating when we have so many words to choose from. But, on the positive side, think about how much we are able to communicate using our words!

Hey Dani,
Wonderfully written!

You know what I find so interesting about words is how a single word, by itself, may not mean much (or mean something - just now to it's full potential), yet - when combined with other words, can become something so much more beautiful than it was individually....

And - what you have created - the cutouts of words to live by - what a beautiful gift you have given here!

We're so lucky to have words =)

Lance - Thank you! I'm so glad you liked the post and the free download. I loved what you wrote about words in your comment; it's so true that they can be completely transformed when grouped with other words (kind of like people can be when grouped with other people!).

Rocky - Yes, we are! Thanks for the comment.

Thank you very much for your WORDS and kindness.

Some words say some things so well. The beauty is we're always our most important meaning maker.

Putta - You're welcome. And thank YOU for your comment! :)

J.D. - It's so true that we are our own meaning makers. What a great way of thinking about words and how they impact our world. Thanks for the comment!

So true,the power of the word,the complexity of each interpretation,the intuitive connection when it happens.We need to teach attention training skills to our children in elemetary school so they can learn to live a life that is "positively present".

Derrick - Great point about how important it is to teach children about the importance of words early on. It can be difficult to pay attention to words sometimes, but I agree that a lot of children would benefit from learning to be more present. Paying attention to words is a great way to focus on the now.

I really like all your quotes. My favorite is the one by Gandhi on the main page! You also have some really great photos! I love the one that says you are more like your mother everyday! I like the simple design of your site too. I just followed you via email. Thanks for being a positive voice!

Shanity - Thank you so much! I'm so glad you found Positively Present and signed up for email updates. Thanks for reading!

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