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Breana -

Totally agree with you here. I've seen the difference that attitude can make for myself and with many clients. I just watched a show on TV where an exec visited two of his businesses. In one, the manager was miserable and hated her job. The whole site was a disaster and the employees were totally depressed. The other site had an upbeat, proactive manager who took ownership for the site and all the employee's welfare. Everything ran like clockwork and business was booming. Two identical businesses - two totally different outcomes. Attitude is everything.


Phil - Thanks for your comment on Breana's post. Attitude really IS everything.

> Positivity is a choice;
Well put -- we have to choose to focus on our inner-Tigger.

J.D. - Yes, it is absolutely a choice. It's not always the easiest choice, but we always benefit when we embrace our inner Tiggers!

Great post! I just started a new job so it's good to be reminded about some of this stuff.

I'm wondering if you have any tips for small talk at work? I'm friendly but not the most socially graceful. I have hard time breaking away from the "good morning, how are you? How was your weekend" dialogue.

Emmy - Glad you enjoyed this guest post! I also thought it was a great one. Small talk can be tricky and, from my experience, it often seems that people stick to some of the same topics: something relevant going on in the world/at work, the weather, and the weekend. You could always try asking if the person has read any good books lately or seen any good movies!

I am glad that I don't worry too much about what happens at the workplace anymore, now that I am retired. However, these are good things to consider. I still go in and write and work on things in the office; however, I am free from all the "obligations" that I used to have. It feels good.

"You control your life, your path, and your decisions" - I believe doing this also means to have the discipline to do so. It will so hard to deal with unprecedented obstacles, but staying calm and disciplined even in those kind of situations will get the job done.


Alvin - It's definitely hard to stay calm when things are tough. Thanks for sharing the link to your article!

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