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Today's post was written by Jonathan Figaro, author of The Dropout Kid and a frequent commenter on Positively Present, and a deeply creative soul. His words, even in the brief comment format I usually read them in, often speak volumes and this post is no exception. What you'll read here is different than the typical Positively Present post, but if you open your mind to Jonathan's words, you'll find that they ring true with wisdom and inspiration. Even at the young age of 22, Jonathan has a lot of great knowledge to share with you today. Enjoy the post! 

Levitate your mind... Open your eyes... Speak though the windows of your soul and wipe away the negativity that stains your windowsills. The words seem to pierce me like a dagger from the hands of Brutus. They come from the mouth of she who wears fire-red stilettos, stands taller than Goliath, and speaks in tongues only I can understand. She is a devil in disguise, who desires you to be a better person.

Don’t let her intimidating dexterity disallow your mind from seeing the truth in her words. She is everything you need and everything you desire. She is the hot fire in the eyes of those who desire to become better. She is the fire underneath the toes of those who desire to run the game of life, by their rules, not others'. She’s the one who tells the insecure kid in back of the class that one day he will be king.

Who is she? She is your HEART.

Pumping gallons of red and white blood cells through your veins, you need you realize one thing: You all have hearts of gold that shine brighter than rings and last longer than adult superstars who have decided not to pursue their college dreams. Your heart is all the optimism you need in life. For if you follow your heart -- meaning, if you follow her rules and regulations -- you’ll no longer read this blog (sorry, Dani =), and you’ll no longer need your 9-5 job (unless you’re giving someone you know a recommendation to your former employer). But to follow her, you must first know the rules of your heart... 

The Two Rules of Your Heart

Rule #1: F*%k Fear. Fear is her husband’s M.O. But your heart, she’s a bit different. She likes to influence those who may be under a dry spell of successful thinking. She advocates devilish ways to end procrastination and work towards making you better by dropping hints most are too scared to follow. 

She says things like, “Go for it, let’s see where it takes you or don’t worry everything will work out in the end." But you seldom pay her any attention. Without her guidance  you lose sight of what you should do, how far you should go, and where you can be if you put on a smile rather than a frown. But are too blind to see that your heart can never steer you wrong even if it was colder than the winter in Poland. 

You have to listen to the voice in your head. Listen to your heart beat. Listen to the little guy that says “Yes, you can!" Avoid the voice that says “No, you can’t...” Be patient, for it takes time to be conscious enough to listen to your higher self. But when it happens it’s truly something magical. I listened to myself when I decided to approach Dani for a guest post. Now look at me! Listen to your heart; it can take you places you’d never imagine.

Rule #2: Get Yourself a Goal. Without a goal, you’ll never be free. You can never be successful, happy, or even mildly ambitious if you don’t have a sense of direction. Imagine you took a trip to Canada with your family. Imagine you’re in the car you wish you didn’t own with your overweight husband that pays you no mind, your two beautiful kids, and your mother-in-law. Four hours away from home, you realize one thing: You’re lost and you have no way of getting back. You had been driving without a map and now you’re stuck between a rock and a hard spot.

What are you to do? Don’t ask me; I always have a map with me. But what I can tell you is never leave your house without a map. And don’t ever live your life without a goal. Goals are meant to stretch your heart, mind, and soul. They are set into a black and white picture frame for all to see, capturing the moment and framing up your accomplishments. Allowing you to pat yourself on the back like you just go drafted into the NBA after everyone including our mother said “You can't win.” 


Accept the words from your heart and be happy, be healthy, find your purpose, and love each other. Listen to your heart and never give in to the dark side. Follow her rules. 




This post was written by Jonathan Figaro, the voice behind The Dropout Kid where he writes all about living a life of possibility. You can sign up for his RSS feed and receive his updates or follow him on Facebook or Twitter.


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I love rule #1. There have definitely been times in my life when I've let myself be held back by fear. And I think that can be crippling. But those times when I've brushed fear aside have been so incredibly rewarding and inspiring.

Lovely post!

I really liked this. :) So positive!
And I very much agree with having a goal. You can be doing all the right things, but with no goal to reach, it can leave you feeling out of place.

Molly - Glad you liked these rules! Jonathan did a great job on this post, making it so inspiring. I agree that Rule #1 is so essential when it comes to following one's heart. Thanks for the comment!

Jaclyn - I'm so happy you liked it. I agree that Jonathan's words are really inspiring and can help anyone to move toward reaching his or her goal. Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks for the Stamp of love guys. I m glad to see you love the post. Now lets make a rule to be influential people. =)

Hi Jonathan,
Great points said uniquely YOU. All very true... it is all too common that people stop listening to their hearts and simply drift through life. Banish any tendency that fixes your mind on mediocrity. Consider it a bluff, and then call the bluff. Voluntarily endure the shock of imagining there is something calling you from within. It is unnatural to be clutched by hardened thoughts... let you imagination soar!

I love how this is just infused with passion on the topic and conviction in the points presented. A post with heart! :)

Jonathan - Thank YOU for the great post, Jonathan! You have a very unique style and I love it! Seems like my readers do too...

Rob - Thanks for the comment on Jonathan's post! I love this line: "Banish any tendency that fixes your mind on mediocrity." Such great, inspiring advice!

CC - Me too! Jonathan's post has a great deal of passion in it and that's very inspiring. I'm glad you liked the heartfelt nature of it.

This is a wonderfully creative and wise post Jonathan! I agree with you that fear should most definitely be kicked to touch! It can whittle away life's possibilities until there's nothing left but the dreaded comfort zone...anathema to those of us who wish to journey til the end! I can see that with your wisdom and authentic spirit you will always stretch yourself to greatly surpass your goals in life Jonathan.Delighted to meet you (NETaphorically speaking!)tonight and looking forward to delving into your website and rummage through your creative treasure chest! Best and warmest wishes, Rosemary

Yo Jonathan- great job on this one, my friend. I enjoyed it from the jump, to the end. We speak endlessly about setting goals and how to court fear...but you just kicked it up a notch.

As usual, the story-based tone adds passion, emotion and incorporates a vision, which drives home the point and focus.

Thanks for the knowledge.


Rosemary - Thank you for your thoughtful comment on Jonathan's post! You made some great points about fear and how it can take away from the possibilities of life. It's great to see your comment -- thank you for stopping by PP!

JK - I'm so glad you enjoyed the post. Like you, I found it to be a great read from start to finish and I agree that Jonathan's post took some of the themes people often discuss and made them just a little bit stronger. Definitely a great post by Jonathan -- and I really appreciate your great comment too!

Jonathan. This was absolutely fantastic! Very well written. Both rules hit home for me. It reminds me of one of my favorite quotes by Bill Cosby "Feel the fear, and do it anyway." I am so glad I found this article. Your creativity is impressive.

Thank to all of your comments. It's much appreciated. Especially to all my reader who subscribe to my website. You guys are great. Thank you Dani for the opportunity. I hope to be a more effective next time around. Peace.

Lisa - So glad you liked Jonathan's post! I agree that he's made some fantastic points -- and so did you with that great connection to the Cosby quote. Thanks for reminding me of that!

Jonathan - You're welcome! As you can see, your post has been very well-received. I'm so happy that readers are liking it as much as I did when I first read it. Great stuff!

Hi Jonathan!
Great points. There is nothing like listening to our hearts. This is the best guidance we could ever receive. And having a goal to follow is a perfect combo. Our goals keep us motivated and in action.

Thanks for your inspiring thoughts. Loving blessings!

Andrea - Thanks for the comment! Jonathan's words were definitely inspiring and I'm glad to hear you thought so as well.

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