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What an interesting idea! To use one kind word. Agreed that we often have more harsh things to say to ourselves and about others. We need to change our internal script. The entire project sounds very inspirational. Thumbs up!!

that sounds like one good project
wish you all the best:)

Evelyn - I agree that when we find ourselves being unkind, we need to change our internal script. I'm glad you found this project inspiring... I did too!

Farouk - It's definitely one good project! :) Thanks for your comment.

A lot of wisdom here - kindness starts with ourself and then spreads out from there. Love the idea of learning to be kind to ourself and speak with compassion. Great work and a great project.


Phil - Glad you enjoyed reading about One Kind Word. I agree that kindness starts with ourselves and from there it spreads. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! :)

This project is interesting and challenging. Thinking of one kind word requires so much depth in it. If I have one kind word to tell it would be "love". It is because love unites all the kind virtues of a person.

Vic - Love is a great word to be pick when it comes to one kind word. It encompasses so much and really does unite all of people's virtues. Thanks for the comment!

Thanks for posting about One Kind Word, Dani! What a treat to be on your blog. And thanks for all the kind comments from readers!

Molly - You're welcome! It was a pleasure to do so. It's a great concept and site and I hope lots of people stop by and check it out.

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