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With Thanksgiving just a few days away, of course I'm thinking about all of the great things I'm thankful for in my life. My gratitude list is endless, but one thing I'm particularly thankful for this year is the plethora of online resources, sites, and inspiration I've come across. I spend so much time online, but I rarely stop and think about how awesome it is that we all have such great access to the world and to so many other people doing awesome, inspiring things. Though I could probably write hundreds of blog posts about sites I'm thankful for, I've narrowed my list down to 33 things I'm really grateful to have discovered online. Some are 2010 finds and others have been in my online repertoire for years, but whether I've been constantly clicking the links or just discovered them, they've all impacted me positively. So, as a gesture of thanks for reading Positively Present (thank you! thank you! thank you!), I've decided to share them with you...


  1. Tumblr, Tumblr, Tumblr! Oh, how I heart you! You are my 2010 favorite. 

  2. Jessica's Daily Affirmation. I want to wake up and be just like her every morning. 

  3. Our arms, like leaves... A brilliant quote from Miranda July on You Are Remarkable

  4. Joie Magazine. Indie Fixx's magazine all about the joyful art of living. 

  5. Positively Present on Twitter. It's a great way to connect with readers. Thanks for the tweets! 

  6. Scoutie Girl's Creating Action Mini Course. Utterly heartfelt inspiration delivered right to your in-box. 

  7. Perideau Designs. Modern stationary for the young -- and young at heart. I just love her style! 

  8. White Hot Truth. Because self-realization really does rock and site founder Danielle LaPorte knows it.  

  9. Life After College (the book!). It's coming in 2011 and gonna flat-out awesome. Pre-order now

  10. Brave Girls Club's How to Be Amazing. No matter what, just be amazing anyway. Excellent advice.

  11. Free downloads on How About Orange, including a Make-Your-Own Owl Calendar

  12. Be Yourself. A poem we could all use to remind ourselves that what we are is all we need to be. 

  13. Color Me Katie's banner. The website's pretty great too, but I just love that banner!

  14. Style Statement: Live By Your Own Design. An excellent resource for learning more about yourself. 

  15. Daydream Lily. Some of the most beautiful, inspiring images I've seen. 

  16. Here's the truth... A Kind Over Matter blog post that picked me up just when I needed it. 

  17. Winnie the Pooh's Guide to a Happier Life. He does seem pretty darn happy, doesn't he? 

  18. Pizzazzerie. Want to entertain in style? This is the go-to site for entertaining fabulousness.

  19. Being featured as a Kind Kindred. Yay! It made me happy to be spotlighted on Kind Over Matter. 

  20. Tiny Buddha. Tiny Buddha offers up fantastic wisdom on various topics. Follow on Twitter too. 

  21. Life Through the Lens. Beautiful photographs you can buy on Etsy. Love them. 

  22. Art Pixie. So much more than just design & inspiration...Photos. Fashion. Downloads. And more!

  23. Pugly Pixel's E-course and Tutorials. I particularly enjoyed the preview e-course on Design

  24. Art by Kelly O'Connor. Her Disney-inspired pieces inspired me to create collage-like art of my own.

  25. Living in Moment Makes You Happier article. Science proves it! Hooray for living in the present!

  26. GoodReads. I love being able to track (and share!) what I'm reading. If you love books, sign up. 

  27. Wordle. Create cool "word clouds" online using their software. Oddly fun to play around with. 

  28. My post featured on Think Simple Now -- site that inspired me to start Positively Present! 

  29. Life...Your Way Printables. These are super helpful if you want to get (or stay) organized. 

  30. Gifted. A holiday magazine and gift guide that, whether you're shopping or not, is beautiful to look at. 

  31. AOL Muchness article. So excited my blog was mentioned (and called amazing!). 

  32. Amazon. Helped me to find childhood favorites (like Alpha-Bakery and Ed Emerley drawing books). 

  33. GalaDarling. One of my favorite sites, hands down. Fashion. Advice. Sass. All in one great spot! 


As I'm sure you can imagine, there are more than 33 links I love, but these are some of my favorites and I hope you have a chance to check some of them out. If you're looking for inspiration, they're certainly some of the best places I'd recommend visiting. I'm grateful to have found them and even more grateful that I have a place here on Positively Present where I can share them with you. I hope they, in some small way, help you to be more positive and more present!


What online goodies are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?
Which sites do you return to again and again for inspiration?  


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It funny...( he he), I never thought Amazon would make a gratitude list. I think about it for a moment. Pondering..... your absolutely correct! Gratitude has no limits, except,what we perceive to be limitations. So right now, i'm thankful for my hair, nail and eye lids..=) Great post. P.P, definitely made me think a bit.

I like the variety of your roundup and it is the spice of life.

I like the trip down memory lane to see the blog that inspired it all.

This is a wonderful list. I'm a hundred percent with you on Jessica's daily affirmation and Winnie the Pooh! Thanks for introducing me to some new things, like Tiny Buddha. Love that.

I'd add http://goodvibeblog.com I love Jeannette's posts.

And I'd offer up a blog of inspiration that dogs create: http://thejoyfulspringer.com

And I also love http://www.puppyjones.com

I heard someone complaining about all the junk on the internet the other day, and I said,"Change where you're looking." There's so much treasure online. :)

This is a lovely list, thanks for sharing. I'm looking forward to visiting these sites :)

Jonathan - I'm glad this post was thought-provoking for you. Like you, I never thought something like Amazon (or any website for that matter!) would be on my gratitude list, but I've discovered that it's so important to be grateful for everything!

J.D. - Thanks! I'm happy you enjoyed this list!

Ande - Thanks so much for sharing some more great links. I'm really in love with dogs so I particularly love the Joyful Springer site. There really IS so much awesomeness online -- we just have to look in the right places.

Claire - You're welcome! I hope you enjoy the sites!

Thank you for including Pizzazzerie! I'm honored!

Courtney - You're welcome! I really do love your site... So many great ideas on there! I'm glad I was able to spread the word about it in this post!

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