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As self-love month comes to an end here at Positively Present, it's important to remember that self-love is something we should all be doing year 'round. Despite all of the challenges we face, despite all of the reasons we have to doubt, we should all continue to believe we're amazing anyway. As Elizabeth Alraune once said:


“You are as amazing as you let yourself be.
Let me repeat that. You are as amazing as you let yourself be!” 


Life can throw us a lot of curveballs and, sadly, too many of us hold ourselves back from doing what we really want to do because we don't believe in ourselves, we don't love ourselves. And that needs to stop now. We all need to let ourselves be amazing -- no matter what we're up against.

Hopefully this month of self-love celebration here at Positively Present has inspired you to love yourself and to realize the importance of believing in who you are. I know thinking about self-love for an entire month has really helped to put it in the forefront of my mind and has served as a reminder that loving oneself is so imperative to living a positive life. 

To sum up self-love month, I've gathered some resources for you to check out, including song lyrics, articles, and even a PDF printable of self-love affirmations that you can cut out and place around the house/office/car -- wherever you need reminders most. 


Self-Love Songs

Firework -- Katy Perry

Ambling Alp -- Yeasayer

Freckles -- Natasha Bedingfield

F*ckin' Perfect -- Pink

Spotlight -- Patrick Stump

Steer -- Missy Higgins

More Beautiful You -- Johnny Diaz

True Colors -- Cyndi Lauper

Pony (It's Okay) -- Erin McCarley

Shimmer -- Shawn Mullins

Born a Lion -- Ani DiFranco

You're Beautiful -- James Blunt

Video -- India.Arie

A Place in This World -- Taylor Swift

Be Yourself -- Audioslave

Imperfect is the New Perfect -- Caitlin Crosby


Self-Love Articles + Resources

My Smiling Heart: Self-Love Printables

Wrap Yourself in Self-Worth

4 Ways To Embrace Imperfections

I Am Enough: A Self-Kindness Collaborative

Ordinary Courage

Madly in Love with Me

Ms. Magazine: Self Love is a Battlefield

17 Ways to Love Yourself


Self-Love Printable from Positively Present


And even though self-love month is coming to an end -- don't forget how important it is. You deserve to be loved by yourself. No one or nothing should ever take that away from you. If you find yourself in a situation that hinders you from loving yourself, get out of it. If you find yourself around people who don't encourage you to love yourself, get away from them. Regardless of what you might think sometimes, you ARE amazing. And no matter what you're facing or what others say -- choose to be amazing anyway.


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Wow--how perfect is this. I've been enjoying self-love month especially because it's in sync with my own year-long project, The Find Your Coregreen UPrising. And I love this list of resources. I'm bookmarking this. And the songs are great. My dog, Ducky, has her own blip.fm channel--joyfulspringer, and some of these will be great for her to blip! Thanks so much for the focus on self-love--a concept that is so, so important!

Ande - I'm so glad this is perfect for you! And I'm so happy that Ducky will be able to blip some of these songs. How cute!

Thank you for all the resources and posts this month about self-love. I have only recently been gotten to the point where I truly self-love and appreciation. It isn't that I was a depressive self-hating individual, but was actually worse. I was simply apathetic or didn't even consider to think about my own self-worth which was incredibly selfish of me :)

Anyway, thank you again. Also, Katy Perry's song is a personal guilty pleasure. I'm always singing it at the top of my lungs when it comes on.. Truthfully, Katy Perry, herself, is a guilty pleasure for me. She is quickly becoming one of my many celebrity crushes.

Thank you so much for this month.
I have spent my life worrying that I'm not thin enough or not good enough, and recently I've been driving my boyfriend crazy with my self hatred.
Now, I am trying to be a stronger better, person and believe in myself.
You can follow me trying to believe in self love at my tumblr- http://sewyourselfxshut.tumblr.com
Good luck to you all, you are all beautiful http://www.girlnextdoorfashion.net

Thank you Dani for the great reminder...I think we all need it from time to time. Your self-love month was a great initiative and very helpful. The resources are great too.

Your words have been really encouraging and they come in perfect timing too. I have been finding myself too lost in work and things to do that I tend to easily forget to cherish my life, my potential and my efforts. Thanks again :)

Stephen - You're welcome! I'm so glad you enjoyed the resources here for self-love month. It makes me happy to read that these posts had a positive impact on you. Also glad to hear that you're a fellow fan of Katy Perry!

GND Fashion - I'm so happy to hear that you're on a path to self-love. It can be a really hard road to travel down and it can take a lot of hard work to get to a place where you're happy with who you are. I'm looking forward to checking out your Tumblr.

Gilbert - So glad you enjoyed self-love month! And I'm even more glad to hear that this has come at a great time for you. Thanks for reading. Stay positive -- and keep loving yourself!

thank you so much for including the I am Enough Collaborative amongst this amazing list. it means the world!

Tracey - You're welcome! Thank you for spreading the word about self love!

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