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Hi Dia,
This is beautiful. By following these steps we will come to hold ourselves in a higher regard. We will express ourselves with more compassion and self-respect. Not only will we feel better about ourselves but we will come to love ourselves. Thanks so much Dia! Great work!

Dandy - I'm so happy you liked Dia's post. These are definitely steps that will help anyone to live with more self-love.

@Dandy- For sure my friend, we have got to be compassionate with ourselves at all times and treat ourselves with care and respect. Thanks Dandy :)

@Positively present- Thanks for your kind words and for the opportunity :)

Thank you so much for this post! I struggle with this daily. I'm a people pleaser and it's a hard habit to break. Sometimes I spent too much unnecessary time agonizing over conversations or interactions with others, instead of letting it go and realizing it is what it is, none of us is perfect!


Michele - You're welcome! I'm so glad Dia was able to write this and I was able to post it here on Positively Present. I hope this post -- and the month of self-love -- help you to realize that you are completely deserving of your own love!

Thanks Michele, glad you liked it :)

Dia this a wonderful article with very valuable information for anyone who suffers from lack of self love. I really like all 5 of your suggestions. Thank you for sharing this poet.

Michelle - I'm glad you enjoyed Dia's article. Thanks for reading Positively Present!

I totally agree with you: Loving yourself is necessary to lead a successful and happy life filled with confidence. Thank you for sharing this meaningful article!

Lisa - So glad you enjoyed Dia's article! Thanks for reading Positively Present!


Vishal - Thank you! I'm glad you liked Dia's article. Thanks for reading Positively Present.

This is great!! I'm trying to turn my thinking around to the positive and learn to love myself because i want to feel better.

Beth - SO glad that Dia's article helped you. If you're looking for more self-love resources, check out the Archives. There's a section called "Self Love" that might be helpful!

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