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father's day 2011: a bit about my dad


Not everyone is lucky enough to have a dad, but I'm fortunate enough to have one to celebrate this Father's Day. As I was looking around online for a perfect Father's Day quote, I was reminded of all the little things I love about my dad. Here are just a few of them... 


My dad reads more books than anyone I know -- and remembers details from them all. 

My dad will take bugs outside (or just leave them in the house!!) rather than squash them. 

My dad spent hours and hours helping me my nemesis: math; together we took on algebra, calculus, and trigonometry. 

My dad is never afraid to be in the basement alone; in fact, he probably prefers it. 

My dad reminds me to be careful, like telling me to use scissors when I'm about to use my teeth. 

My dad love his routines (such as closing all the blinds as soon as it's dark) -- just like I do. 

My dad taught me so many things -- to ride a bike, to drive a car, to embrace my love of reading and writing.  

My dad made me cry with letters he's written to me because he's an amazing writer. 

My dad was never afraid of the vampires I insisted were trying to get into my bedroom in the middle of the night. 

My dad remembers things I always forget (especially when it comes to family trips). 

My dad writes down the details; ask him what the weather was on a day 10 years ago and he will know. 

My dad drilled holes in guitar picks for me so I could wear them on a necklace (when I thought I was going to be a rock star). 

My dad actually looks up words he doesn't know in the dictionary rather than skipping them, as I probably would. 

My dad knows how to take a joke (such as this this silly e-card I sent him this Father's Day). 

My dad secretly loves California as much as I do and supported me 100% when I moved there (and moved back home again). 

My dad not-so-secretly loves Bella, even though I know she drives him crazy at times. 

My dad always gives me new grammar tips (remove that whenever you can!), helping me become a better writer.

My dad has never made me question his love -- no matter what I've done or what he's done; his love, his support, and his belief in me are unconditional. 


These are just a small sampling of things I love about my dad. We've had our ups and downs over the year, but he is a great father and I'm lucky to be celebrating his day with him today.

Happy Father's Day, Dad! I love you!