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I appreciate being reminded of this saying, right along with "feelings aren't facts". Anyone who has been stuck in stinkin' thinkin' will likely agree that you can't believe everything you think.

Sometimes I ask myself, "where's the proof?" when I find my thinking has turned towards the negative and fatalistic. For me this kind of thinking usually stems from my fears- fear of a negative outcome to situaiton. When I let fear be my guide, I am far more likely to cause my fear to happen!

Just because something happened before doesn't mean it will happen again, and a positive outcome is just as likely as a negative one in many situation.

Thanks for this thoughtful post!

Chrysta - Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed this reminder. I also like "feelings aren't facts" - I'd forgotten about that saying and I'm glad you reminded me of it! Asking "where's the proof?" is a great way to really consider if what you're thinking is valid. Thanks for sharing your positive thoughts on this subject!

Thanks for this. What Chrysta said is so true, it's all about fear! Someone once told me that the majority of our fears never come true. Always be happy and think positive and positive things will come! This post has made me feel better! (as do all of them)


Cindy - You're right! Fear really does hold people back and so much of it (if not all of it!) is in their heads. Focusing on the positive and avoiding fear-based thinking really does lead to a more positive life.

hi.. everytime I feel low I always look at this article of yours .."don't believe in everything that you think." I came to a point that I felt soo sad that even thoughts that I am not normal or sane cross my it mind..But when I read this now I realized that it was just my thoughts that makes me negative they are not true. Really thanks to you.

sunnysmile :)

Sunny - Yay! I'm so glad you feel inspired to look at this article when you're feeling low. More often than not, we make ourselves feel worse through our own thoughts. I'm glad this article was able to help you.

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