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Today's post was written by Jonathan Figaro, author of the ebook Six Stupid Things People Do To Mess Up Their Lives. The ebook is a self-help book that helps people avoid six common mistakes that often affect people's lives negatively. To get a free chapter of the ebook, click here.  

"So," he says, pausing and leaning forward like Professor Maurice Phipps in the movie Higher Learning. "What do you want to do with the rest of your life?"

Damien sizes up his guidance counselor and says, “Well..." His lips mumble a bit, body leaned forward and both pale hands on his Northface bookbag shoulder straps. He pulls them down nervously. Fingers grip the plastic and rubber material.

"Don’t be nervous," the counselor states. Damien’s glasses slide down his nose; he is too nervous to lift them up.

"Well," Damien takes a deep breath. He says innocently, "I want to help people."

"That’s good." The counselor counters. "Helping people is good."

Damien looks at his counselor. He feels more comfortable.

His counselor pushes his hands forward like there is an invisible meal in front of him. He pushes for Damien to talk a bit more. Damien takes another deep breath.

"I want to change the world, you know, make a difference. I want to see the world, live life to the fullest, open the heart and minds of millions with my paintings." Damien is an artist. "I want to be an example of excellence. Show people that if I could do it then anyone can, you know?" He says the last line like the counselor would understand his position, but it is impossible. The counselor made it seem possible with his previous comment, only said to help Damien open up, but he has no real intention of feeding Damien’s dreams.

The counselor leans back on his leather chair situated behind a granite top desk. Nothing is on the desk but a cup filled with pens from the lost and found, a manila folder with Damien’s resume, and a half-eaten Snickers bar.

He analyzes the situation and says, "Wow, that’s some imagination you have there boy. Now tell me what you really want to do because those goals are way too high for someone like you to achieve."


How many people have faced a situation like Damien's in which their dreams were dashed by someone who made them feel as if they couldn't do what they really wanted to do? How many people have been faced with negativity when sharing their hopes and dreams?

Too many.

Below is a list of 17 ways to deflect negative people, comments, and situations. With these practicial tips in hand, countering negative people and situations should be much easier -- and will allow you to embrace and live out your dreams.

17 Practical Ways To Deflect Negativity

  1. Build a wall of optimism.

  2. Keep your dream alive.

  3. Trust your Intuition.

  4. Don’t panic.

  5. Don’t listen to naysayers.

  6. Realize that if anyone has done it so can you.

  7. Envision a greater future.

  8. Use affirmations to build a stronger mindset.

  9. Refuse to share your goals with those who don't have their own.

  10. Focus on making progress.

  11. Accept failure and move on from it.

  12. Never give in.

  13. Refuse to give up.

  14. Be thankful.

  15. Read inspiring material.

  16. Watch inspiring lectures.

  17. Associate with joyful humans.


There are many ways to combat the negative people or comments in your life. For more inspiration, visit Jonathan's website at JonathanFigaro.com. And if you found this article helpful, please share it with someone else on Twitter, Facebook and Stumbleupon.  



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I love your blog! Good words, inspiration, encouragement, optimism, wisdom - a consistently positive message!

JM - Thank you! I'm so glad you like the blog. Thanks for commenting on this guest post. It was a good one!

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