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  Wild thing

"Every woman is a rebel, 
and usually in wild revolt
against herself" 

Oscar Wilde 


Lately, I've been thinking a lot about the word "wild." I stumbled across this post, "Reclaiming the Wild," on Roots of She, and it's last few lines got me thinking. Author of the post, Connie of Dirty Footprints, writes: 

I don’t believe we’re born wild and free – at least the first time. Somewhere in our lives we have to die to ourselves to be reborn and rebuilt again. Somewhere in our lives is a bath that last for weeks. A period of mourning and defeat. A time that we travel backwards instead of forward.

A moment, that we, on our own – declare and reclaim the wild – the passion – the purity of existence we’ve been ignoring up until that point.

A moment that we see clearly that our life is here for the making – that wild is not just a way of being – but rather a deeper, fresher way of breathing.


This got me thinking about what it means to be wild. I used to associate the word "wild" with drinking, rowdiness, acting out or unacceptably. I used to smile and laugh, exclaiming, "I'm wild!" When I said those words, I was announcing a lack of control, letting go of accountability. If I was wild, I could do what I wanted without consequences. Do you think the wolf considers the feelings it might hurt when it hunts its prey? Do you think the hawk snatching eggs from a nest contemplates the consequences? I think not. I used to want that kind of wildness -- the ability do and say and act as I pleased. In the moment, it brought me great happiness to freely do whatever it was I felt like doing. 

Now I feel differently about wildness. I will always long for a freedom, an isolation from civilized and appropriate behavior, but I've found new ways to channel that energy. And that's how I think about being wild now. It's an energy, a freedom, a passion for being alive. It's also an attentiveness to the world, to the true and honest nature of things. With something wild, there is no altering it or hiding it behind false pretenses. It is, unapologetically, what it is.  

Shouldn't we all allow ourselves to be what we are? To be free of restrictions and rules and expectations? Yes, I think we all should declare ourselves wild. We should all allow ourselves to be as we are without shame or fear or regret. 

Today, I encourage you to do something wild. Do something out of the ordinary or unexpected. Don't take no for an answer. Don't back down because you are afraid. Do what you want. Say what you want. Be wild and be free. Here are some ways you can declare yourself wild today: 

5 Ways to Declare Yourself Wild

1. Say what you really mean. Don't hold back the truth. The truth, above all things, is wild. There is no containing it, controlling it. Be open and honest. Know what you want to say -- how you really feel -- open your mouth, and speak. 

2. Do something unexpected. Change it up. Tempting as it is to settle into routines and patterns, don't let yourself be bogged down by the normal. Do something different. Let wildness find you. 

3. Be open for an adventure. Start looking for adventure everywhere. At work? Yes. At school? Yes. It's there if your eyes are open to it. Seek it out and embrace it. 

4. Try yes instead of no. Instinct might force the N and O out of your mouth, but hold those letter back. Think before you respond to an invitation. Perhaps the next adventure is just beyond the "yes." 

5. Embrace your passion. Find what you love and do it. You cannot live a life stifling your passion and holding yourself back. Let your passion, your ideas, your excitement run free. 


Being wild doesn't have to be a negative thing. It can be something positive, worth embracing, and, better yet, worth celebrating. Take a look at your life from a fresh perspective today and see what you can do to declare yourself wild!


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Amazing! I love this post!

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