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nice points dani, you really described all the points thouroughly ! keep it up!

Ah, I needed this right now and that on a monday. thank you for sharing!

Umrao - Thank you! Glad you enjoyed these points!

Sandra - You're welcome! I'm happy to hear that this was what you needed.


this was a great article and is totally relevant for me right now, thank you!

Cassie - So glad you enjoyed my Parks and Rec reference. It does seem like a good thing to do during a hard week. I'm happy the article was relevant to you!

number 5 really works, especially if you live away from your mom. the explanation for me is simple... why the baby stop crying when mom comes? we heard mom's voice even when the first time we were created..it make us feel safe, confidence and fulfilled.

great post.. keep on!

Teguh - I agree. #5 is an important one. As you mentioned, babies respond so quickly to the sound of their mother's voices -- and apparently adults do as well. Thanks for reading!

I know only one effective way to cope with stress - go shopping! It always helps me forget about all the troubles and understand how lucky I am to be able to buy something when others barely have money to buy food

Amy - That's a good point! Doing an activity that reminds you to be grateful for what you have really helps to reduce stress.

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