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Tomorrow my boyfriend and I will be celebrating our two year anniversary. (And today his sister and her husband are celebrating their wedding anniversary! Happy anniversary to you two!) I'm so happy that we found each other and I couldn't be more grateful to have him in my life. Every year our Halloween-themed activities help us to celebrate our anniversary. Last year we went to the pumpkin patch and that trip inspired me to write the poem below... a poem about fate, about finding what you were looking for, something that was much closer than you thought but that took awhile to connect with because life happens when it's meant to happen and love happens because it's meant to be.  


where they rest,
vines surround them
tangled and torn in the dirt,
watching laughter catch in the
autumn light -- twinkling, winking,
as many bound past them
in search of the perfect
orange orb 

by nightfall
they are alone and
stained with fingerprints
left by all of those that turned
each of them over and over again
inspecting, searching, looking
for the marks on the flesh
the imperfections 
the flaws 

bumped by wind 
and wayward brown boots
they have been pushed gently,
heaved swiftly, by warm gloved hands
so now they are nudged next to
to one another, resting warmly,
comfortable in spite of the
frost gathering on vines
and flesh and stem 

vines twisted,
one leans into the other
like a pair of harvested heads
they conspire and whisper, sharing
secrets beneath a star-speckled sky
as they wait in wonder for sunlight
for the certainty of tomorrow,
a new autumn day 

in the pale light 
of morning a sun will soak
them, splattering them with light 
and they will be looked at, turned over,
talked about not as one but as two
a perfect pair of pumpkins
plucked from the patch
and taken home 

I'm wishing you all a very happy, happy Halloween! It's my very favorite day of the year and I hope you enjoy it as much as I know I will. I hope your Halloween -- and every day of your life -- is filled with magic and love. 


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Wow...Great poem!!! Happy Anniversary...and Happy Halloween!

Saggleo - Thank you! I hope you have a happy Halloween too! :)

Hi! I recently found your blog, I like it!

Happy anniversary and it's a greaaaat poem

Marjan - Thanks for reading Positively Present! I'm so glad you found it. And thanks for the compliment on the poem and the anniversary wishes. Happy Halloween!

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