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Great post! I find for myself that it's the reverse - some people expecting me to make their life happy or do what THEY think I should do. Now that is annoying. I'm not saying it's a type of thing that they can only function if I have some part in their day kind of thing (no narcissism here), but it seems to be a very different expecation when it's coming from me versus them. They can have a day (but how dare I), I should be doing this and that, and so forth. I could start rambling on this comment so I'll try and reel myself in. I'll say it's hard for me to react in a "not sure of the word" way when being presented with these types of behaviors from others. While people want you to accept them for who they are (and I really believe I do), they don't give that same to you in return or don't really hear you when you tell them - no, that's not me.

I remember seeing someone have a quote that said "Never allow someone to be your priority, while making you their option". or something like that. That's where I feel I'm at with a few people in my life...and being taken for granted by them. The minute you put yourself first, it's a problem (well I guess only to those that don't really matter).

Saggleo - After I finished writing this post, I realized that some people might actually feel the opposite way that I do: that they are alive to make the rest of the world happy. I think this is a very common mindset and can be a negative thing. Likewise, some people (like you) deal with others who believe the world should revolve around them, making it seem like your needs/beliefs/etc. should take a backseat to their. Being taken for granted is a terrible feeling. Perhaps a few of the people in your life need to read this post!

Beautifully put! I see the "foucus on the now" point as the foundation of all. Cause without thought of past or future. I would like to believe that I would respond rather then react. Thanks!

Derrick - Thank you! I agree that focusing on the present is crucial when it comes to acceptance of others (and ourselves!). Without comparing things to the past or imagining how they "should" be, we can fully appreciate people and situations as they are.

Amazing post and just what I needed. I'm a fast talker, walker, thinker. My husband's nickname is poke or pokey as well. When we hold hands and walk- I feel like I'm dragging him. I actually caught him in a fast walk/jog one time--I DID slow down once I realized this btw ;)
This post spoke so much to my heart- thank you for the wake up call. I'm so glad I found your site through the 30 day photo challenge that was pinned on Pinterest!

Christina - I'm so glad you found Positively Present! And I'm happy to hear that you could relate to this post. It's great to hear from readers like you and know that I'm not alone in my quick-moving ways.

Jesus told us to forgive others, love our enemies, and to not judge. Once we do this - we are free. God Bless.

Nicole - Jesus had some pretty good advice, I'd say. Not judging is so important for living a positive life!

I needed this post today! Thank you

Amy - I'm so glad this reached you at the right time. Thanks for reading!

So, so, so true. I couldn't have said it better myself.

Katrina - Thank you! I'm so happy you were able to relate to this. I wasn't sure if people would so your comment means a lot to me. Thanks!

You should be accepting of yourself too, though, correct? While you should not judge others, you probably shouldn't look negatively at yourself for being different either.
That's the difficulty- being able to be happy while accepting yourself and accepting others.

MP - Absolutely! All of the acceptance tips should apply to you as well. There's no reason why we can't love and accept ourselves and accept others too. In fact, loving yourself is really the first step for accepting others. Thanks for bringing up this point!

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