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positively present planner: a free ebook to kick off 2012!

2012 Planner

Want to get a jump start on 2012? I've got just the thing for you: the  2012 Positively Present Planner! I have a feeling 2012 is going to be an awesome year and this is just the thing you need to kick off the next twelve months.

So what’s this planner all about anyway? It’s an ebook that will help you jumpstart your year with tips, resources, and advice for making the most of 2012. And it’s also a great resource for getting started on those New Year’s resolutions—and tackling your life goals while you’re at it. And it’s a place to launch a year of personal and home organization (key ingredients for a positive life!). And it’s where you can find inspiration to keep you moving forward throughout the year. Yep, all of that in this little (free!) downloadable ebook. 

Over the years since I created Positively Present, I’ve learned a lot about living a more positive, more present life and, as a gift to my loyal readers and their friends (please feel free to pass this on to anyone who might need a little help kicking off 2012!), I’ve put together this ebook filled with some of the best ways to make the most of life.

My big life goal? Not to wait for someday to have a “happily ever after” ending. I’m striving to live happily ever after right now. Doing so isn’t always easy, but I’ve picked up some tricks and tips that inspire me to make the most of every day while striving to take my dreams and turn them into my reality—and I’m excited to share them with you in this ebook—the first one ever created by Positively Present!  

I hope these resources will help you kick off the new year and bring you closer to making the most of your 2012 dreams and goals! Happy planning! 


*Hurray! The issue with the links has been fixed. If you already downloaded the planner and want the updated version, click below and download again.*


   Download the 2012 Positively Present Planner!


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dani, you're such a sweetie to share this awesome planner with us! It just came in time cause I'm going to share my wishlist for 2012 on my blog, soon.
I hope you had a lovely christmas season with your beloved ones. big warm wishes,

Amazing planner! I love all of the details you added. The links don't work for me, but that's what Google is for. :)

I love it! Thanks so much! What a wonderful Christmas gift!

Sandra - Yay! I'm so glad this came at a perfect time for you! I hope you had a wonderful holiday!

Kara - Thank you! I'm so sorry the links aren't working. I don't know what's happening with that but I'm going to fix them as soon as I return from vacation on Friday!

Helen - Youre welcome! I hope it helps get the New Yea off to a great start!

Hey, that's a great idea! Thank you, I'm just downloading it.

First...you are AWESOME! Second...perfect timing again! Thank you for this! I've shared this post with friends as well.

I had to laugh at the don't have a junk room/drawer ever! I have a few junk drawers...and a junk room. I'm getting back to clearing out that room (I also found a paper recycling place so that gave a push to get more out). The getting rid of what you don't need, taking inventory, and put away right away...yeah all on my list now (you'd think put away right away would be sooo easy. lol. That's a habit for me to break).

Hope your vacation is treating you well! Thanks again

Alice - You're welcome! I hope you enjoy it!

Saggleo - Thank you! :) I'm so glad you're excited about the download and thanks for sharing it with your friends. Hope it helps with the organizing (and the junk drawers! haha).

Thank you so much for this! I can't wait to use it over and over again in 2012!!!



Hi!!! I'm back! I just wanted to say that I shared your planner on my blog! That's how much I love it! sarastrauss.blogspot.com


Thank you so much, this is wonderful and so thoughtful of you to gift your readers with!
Happy New Year to you too :)

Sara - Thanks so much for the compliments! And for sharing it on your blog! Thank you!!

Estrella - You're welcome! I hope you have a wonderful 2012!!

I really, really, really love this! In fact, I really, really, really love your blog! So inspiring! Thanks for sharing! ^_^

Maizurah - Thank you! I'm so glad you love the planner (and the blog too!). Happy 2012!!

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