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What a wonderful post and tribute. It makes me think of people our family has lost this year, and the '2nd mother' that inspired me too. Luckily, Shirley is still here and your post encourages me to reach out and make sure she knows how much I appreciated everything she did for me. I'm sorry for your loss, it sounds like she was amazing.

Bonnie - Thank you. I'm so glad you could relate to this and I hope it's inspired you to get in touch with Shirley. It's so easy to put it off and say you'll get to it another day, but life really is short. Thank you for the kind words about the loss of Jan. She was definitely an amazing person and the world is better because she was in it.


I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Jan sounds like she was such an interesting and fun person...the type of person who touches and imprints many lives. I will keep you in my thoughts.

Gina - Thank you for your support. Jan was definitely a great person and I'm lucky to have known her, especially during my formative years. Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts. That's so sweet of you!

Your tribute to Jan is amazing! She sounds like such a wonderful person.

So sorry for your loss, Dani...This is a beautiful post, a beautiful tribute to a life that seems to have impacted your own in many ways. You're in my thoughts -- may you all find comfort in the memories and peace in the loving.

hug your best friend for me.

Courtney - Thank you! She was and I'm so thankful that I had a chance to celebrate her in this post.

Susan - Thank you. I'm so glad you thought this was a beautiful tribute. I wasn't sure if I wanted to post it or not, but I'm glad I did. Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts.

Laurie - I will! Thank you for reading.

Thank you so much for posting this. My Grandad died over Christmas and like you, things haven't really sunk in yet. I've just gone back to University so I am dreading the feelings hitting me when I am away from my family.
I hope this post helps me through.

Charlotte x

Charlotte - I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. I imagine it will take awhile for things to become more real and I really do hope these tips help you through the tough times. I'll be thinking of you!

Thank you for posting this. I was just sitting here thinking of my grandmother who I lost in November to cancer. She was an wonderful, caring person who touched many people's lives, but none so much as those of her family.

I'm sorry for you and your friend's loss. This was a wonderful tribute to Jan. i can relate to having a 'second mom' and am so thankful to have worked at the job I did to meet her and still have her in my life to this day. I will keep you and your friend in thoughts.

Bryann - You're welcome. Thank you for reading. I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your grandmother, but it's wonderful that she was the kind of person that touched so many lives. What a fantastic legacy to leave behind.

Saggleo - Thank you. I'm so glad you thought this was a good tribute. It wasn't easy to relive all of the memories, but I wanted to share all of the wonderful times I had with Jan. Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts.

dear Dani, thanks so much for sharing this holy tribute to Jan. my only sibling and best friend died last friday. so your words touched me in tender ways. i hold you in my heart as you celebrate and miss Jan and i do the same for Mari AND as we love those who love them both.

I don't think we ever fill the holes in our hearts ... I think, at best, we manage to spring up new gardens around the holes.

Life is short. Then we die. We have to make it count.

Lisa - You're welcome. I hope it helps you through your loss as well. I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your sibling. I cannot imagine how that must feel. I'll be thinking of you.

J.D. - What a beautiful way of putting it. The holes never really fill back up, but we can plant new gardens, memories of the happy times, around them. Thanks for that inspiring comment!

This is such a beautiful post - I printed it out and shared with my colleagues. I work in healthcare and we are used to greif and loss - sadly it is a part of our lives and the job. I have yet to see anyone put it as poetically as you have.

I hope you don't mind but I posted this on my blog for the weekly "Best of Web" blog roundup. Thank you for a beautiful post.

Dani - Thank you! I'm so glad you printed out and shared this post. Dealing with grief and loss (especially on a regular basis - I can't imagine!) can be so trying on anyone who is trying to live a positive and present life. I'm really glad this post spoke to you and thank you so much for including it in the "Best of Web" roundup. I appreciate that!

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