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Oh I truly understand you. I am also fully into "The hunger games". At the moment, I watched only the movie and now I want to read the books - which are much better, I guess?!
I loved Katniss in the movie and I think I will love her more when I read the books.

thank you for sharing!

I LOVE this series as well and you have articulated so well some of the same things I noticed!

One of the best parts for me has been sharing them with my children. From my 25 yod down to my 16 yod ... we have read them and we went to see the movie together. So good!

It pleases me to have such a strong female role in a book and movie.

Sandra - I'm looking forward to seeing the movie. I heard it was good -- even from people who liked the books more. Hope you'll enjoy the book!

Cynthia - That's one of the great things about the books -- people of all ages can really relate to them. Like you, I'm so happy to see such a strong female role model. So inspiring!

I keep the lesson No 1. I need this.
Lately I am depressed.
The economic crisis in my country (Greece) has changed our lives dramatically.
Now our family has less money and debts.
I can't make dreams and plans. I have no hope.....

Dee - I'm sorry to hear that you're struggling financially, but don't give up hope! There is always a way to set things back on track. You can get through this difficult time. Stay positive!

LOVE the points you made regarding The Hunger Games! I just started on the second book. Katniss is a firecracker!!! I'm hoping to pick up some of that myself (as I usually have it) but it's been a rough last week or so. Thanks for the reminder in "being stronger than you realize"!

Saggleo - She IS a firecracker! And I love that about her! I'm glad this reminder was what you needed. Hopefully Katniss keeps inspiring you!

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