book review: code to joy
10 tips to help you conquer a quarter or midlife crisis

positively present picks: my weekly favorites





“The theme you choose may change or simply elude you,
but being your own story means you can always choose the tone.
It also means you can invent the language to say
who you are and what you mean."

Toni Morrison




Obama is sexy + he knows it : this cracks me up

Life Design 101 : this couldn't be more true! 

Big Dog, Little Dog : an adorable GIF for your viewing pleasure

The Re-Awakening : a must-have for the meditation-minded

Instagram for Android : love all the new followers!
(find me @happilyeverafternow) 

Glitter & Pearls : my new favorite site. love. 

Modern Family Trees : a fresh take on an old tradition

Neon, neon, neon : I can't seem to get enough of the bright hues

10 Commandments for Happy Relationships : #3 is key!

The Fire Starter Sessions book trailer : Danielle is ahh-MAZing

Texts From My Dog : hilarious (thanks for sending, Dani!)



Listening reading

This week I decided to make a YouTube playlist
instead of listing out the songs. Check out this week's tunes here.

On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft
by Stephen King

by Suzanne Collins

The Firestarter Sessions
by Danielle LaPorte 


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Thank you SO much! You've officially made my day!
♡ Lexi
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Lexi - Yay! You've made my week with your site! Love it!

Oh my goodness...I just laughed so hard at the texts from my dog link! Best laugh in a long time-I cried I laughed so hard!! The Obama link is hilarious too. The dog GIF - too cute. Love the quote too! Basically this post ROCKED!!!

Saggleo - Haha, I'm so glad you liked it! My boyfriend didn't think the texts from my dog was very funny so I wasn't sure if it was just me that thought it was hilarious. So glad you liked this post!!

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