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Good share..

I've always wanted to go to Portland! I told my mom I want to take a vacation there, and she goes "What is there to do there?" I don't even know, but I just know I would love it! Did you write a post about your travels? I vaguely remember one. Thanks!

ok, you've inspired me. My birthday is coming up later this year and I am going to make a wish list for my next year and see how many of them I can accomplish. Not sure I'll make list of 49 things... maybe I'll just stick to 30. That's a good number. :)

Wow! If this is how your 20s have gone, you are going to completely ROCK OUT YOUR 30s! So impressed by all you've done and how you express yourself (which I'm sure shows in how you carry yourself as well-as I only know you from the net you get my gist). :)

A few things on your list I have on mine I've recently started. Less reality tv, ridding myself of things I dont need (they keep me from doing what I desire to do / energy is stagnant around me), put my photography work out there and give it a real shot to see where my business goes (I've even ordered some flash drives to give with orders placed), read more, exercise consistently-start and stop too much, lower sugar intake, eat more healthy foods. Just a gist.

Thanks so much for the continued inspiration. Always love coming here! Hugs to you and Bella.

Dizi - Thank you!

Dana - Portland is awesome! I went there on a business trip and just fell in love with it. I was only in one small area too - there are so many other cool parts to explore. Here's the post I wrote about my trip: http://www.positivelypresent.com/2011/09/adventures-in-portland-.html.

Laura - Yay! You should definitely make a list. It was so fun to do the "28 Things Before 29" and now I have a lot of fun things to look forward to this year. 30 sounds like a good number! :)

Saggleo - Haha, I hope so!! I'm excited for this last year in my 20s! Sounds like you have a great list of things you're working on too. Best of luck with the business. I know you're gonna do well! Bella's doing really well right now - thanks for the hugs!!

I really, really loved this post! It was so inspiring to me to see how you set large and small goals. I really liked how the majority of the goals were small and attainable. I am planning to write a post like this now! You accomplish so many of them and I can see how the confidence built by attaining the small goals help you attain the large ones as well.

Katie - So happy you liked it! It was really wonderful to set (and achieve!) goals over the past year and I'm really excited for the next year - the last one of my 20s! Best of luck with your list!

You are a decade ahead of most. You are already living very intentionally. I'm going to borrow your idea for my birthday this year:-)

Nneka - I'm glad you liked the idea! I'm sure you'll come up with some great ideas for your list.

I'm doing the same thing! Except I'm doing 30 before 30! Good luck girl!

Laurie - That's awesome! Good luck with your list too!

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