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We must be soul mates in some way, shape or form because I feel the exact same way about scrapbooking. I spend hours making them for my family and friends and ZERO hours on mine. Project Life looks easy and simple. I must buy and will buy. Thanks for sharing!


:) Posivity option
I really enjoyed this, along with every other post of course! Scrapbooking always seems so daunting because I would have to urge to buy every cute little decal.. (good bye bank account)

With some huge life changes approaching, a memory keeper would be a great investment and something to remind of brighter times and positivity, when life strikes an anxious chord.
Thank you!

Michelle - So glad you could relate to this post! Hopefully you can take a look at Project Life and see if it's something that inspires you. I've really enjoyed it!

Bridget - I know what you mean about wanting to buy it all. It can really add up! I try to look for sales and to ask myself, "Do I really need this?" before I purchase. I'll add you to the giveaway!

I heard about your blog from the Happiness Project. Definitely will keep reading.


I'd like to win the relationships giveaway.

I just started scrapbooking, thanks for sharing!

And eeeeek, what a great give-away! I would love to win the positivity packet. Shared the link here: https://twitter.com/DryasDreamArt/status/258984436232777730

I found this website thanks to a friend. New follower! :)

I tweeted (@mrsraushel) about the giveaway. I would be happy with either!! If I had to choose I'd pick the relationships prize.

I also shared this on G+

I pinned this.

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I shared on Twitter! (@agilepups)I love Project Life so far and I too am doing it without the whole kid bit :) this was great post!!!

This post really spoke to me because I am 23 and have loved scrapbooking and creativity all of my life and this last year I discovered what Project life was all about and will be starting one come Jan 1, 2013. I look forward to documenting in a different way. Thanks for sharing what you've learned from it.

Just like you, I am a woman without children who scrapbooks. To be hones, I'm actually childfree. I started (officially) in my mid-20s (it's been 10 years so far). It makes me happy to see people without kids start on preserving their story.

Even when Project Life is not for me, it makes me really happy to know that it is a solution for so many people out there. Telling our personal story is not only important, but magical, and any tool that help us do it is wonderful indeed.

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Also, I'm thinking about buying a couple copies of your new book to give away at an APICS event (I'm in charge of raffle prizes). I think it will be a fun and different thing to do for the business crowd. Of course, I will also keep one for myself!

Thanks for being amazing!

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Found this through the Happiness Project blog and will keep following. I love to scrapbook (even before kids)!

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