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loved your list! I can't think of any that you didn't list, but I enjoy watching them all every year too.

Thanks for writing the list. You made several good points. :)

I am a big fan of Christmas movie and one of my favorite channels for watching them is Hallmark.

I usually DVR them and watch when I get a chance.

Take Care.

Great list!
Also: Christmas Vacation: crazy families can the best & most supportive :)

oh so many movies I love! Santa Clause (the Tim Allen version) just cracks me up -- and something happened to him that he didn't want to happen (becoming Santa Claus) but while he persisted in resisting, he finally gave in to his destiny and was a wonderful Santa!
Christmas Vacation (with Chevy Chase) also makes me laugh like crazy -- it's a lesson in family (with warts & all) making it through and making special memories no matter how goofy they are!
I love some of the old ones too - like the Natlie Wood version of Miracle on 34th street - how someone who doesn't believe, becomes a believer and gets her wish in the end (a family, a house & a swing in the yard), White Christmas with Bing Crosby & Danny Kaye - extending yourself for friendship & loyalty and the goodness of others to make a person's dream come true ... so many more -- thanks for the wonderful list!

Jul - So glad you enjoyed the list!

Justin - Same here! I love recording the Hallmark ones and watching them later.

Joyeaux - Christmas Vacation is a great one! Every family has a bit of craziness and can probably relate to some part of that movie.

Colleen - Those are some great ones! I love Santa Clause too (I've seen 'em all, but the first is the best). Definitely some good lessons in that one. I've never seen the original Miracle on 34th Street but I love the remake. I'll have to check out the original! White Christmas is another great one. Thanks for sharing these!

Thanks for reminding me to watch Charlie Brown's Christmas this year!! not that I should need a reminder. Great movie.

ISAL - It's definitely a great one! So many good messages. Merry Christmas!

Any version of Dickens' Christmas Carol is necessary for its life-affirming message. I think the Muppets' version is best!
Happy New Year,

Kajsa - So true! Thanks for that awesome suggestion!

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