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Great reminders for the holiday season. Love your site.

Such helpful tips for keeping mindful! Thank you!

(I'd love to win so PICK ME! PICK ME!)

I abolutely love your website-no matter what kind of day I'm having, I always find some little gem here to help me live a more positive life. Thank you!

Beautiful post. Thank you!

Oh my gosh! What a great giveaway! Great post too!

Thanks for the article! Am looking forward to trying out the tips :)

Great Post with a wonderful message. I would love to win your new book.

Thanks for the holiday giveaway!

Great tips on the Three-Gifts, What-if or Let It Go techniques! We realize that we have the power to perceive something "bad" as something positive or to learn to let go something that no longer serves us.

Thank you for the gift of inspiration that you bring to the world!! May you have a happy and most wonderful Christmas!

I wanted to say thank you for this site. It has been an excellent resource. I'm a pretty avid fan and sometimes feel like I comment a little too much haha. In all seriousness, thank you!

I just ordered the Stay Positive book. (Delayed congratulations :} )


Love your site! Thanks for the chance to win these great prizes:)

I'll probably give the gift of time.

Love your website, such helpful tips

Very nicely written, I feel inspired to read Positive Intelligence. The concept of being positive is sometimes too abstract to be useful, but these examples you give make it seem quite practical and achievable, thanks.

The best things come in threes :)

Ooh, thanks for the chance! I would really love this!

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