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Being truly present, I find that I awaken to the important things in life. I notice things and experience life so much more fully.

Dan @ ZenPresence

I love the point about the 5 senses. There's nothing quite like a big hug, a nice scent or a tasty meal to keep you focused on the present.

I've been enjoying your blog for a long time, so I finally decided to leave a comment to say thanks for making the world a more positive place Dani!


Dan - Me too! If only it weren't so difficult to stay present sometimes!

Kyle - Thanks so much for reading Positively Present! I'm so glad you enjoy it and I'm happy to hear that you like the point about the 5 senses. It really does help me stay present -- and the beauty of it is that you can do it anywhere!

I have a wonderful furry friend too and often think of you....
Just wanted you to know

This is great! Love it!!

Five really good points. I especially got something from the second one as I do use my senses to bring me back but didn't realise that I was doing it! So thanks a mill :)

Alene - Thanks so much for thinking of us. Bella's been struggling as of late, but I'm trying to enjoy the time I have with her. I hope you have lots and lots of wonderful moments with your furry friend!

Tara - Thank you!!

Be - Thanks! That's one of the great things about the five senses. Sometimes we use them as a tool without even realizing it. They're quite useful!

Great advice!! I really like the five senses idea. With a big move, a new job, and a wedding coming up for me, I really need to focus on being present and not worrying so much.

I hope Bella's doing alright and that you're enjoying your time with her. We recently lost our family dog, and it is a really difficult thing to go through. I'll be thinking of you and Bella :)

Jenn - Thanks! I hope these tips help with your move, job, and wedding. That's a lot all at once! Thanks for commenting about Bella. She's hanging in there!

I am so amazed at this site. I have been glancing through and devouring the words. I have not had this much positivity in quite some time. I feel I just took a breath of "positivity", and it feels good. Thank you.

Cybele - Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoy Positively Present and I'm so happy you came across it. Thanks for reading!

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