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Friday is usually reserved for Positively Present Picks, but this Friday is a special one. It's the day my good friend Blair turns 30! You might remember Blair from this post. We've been friends since high school, we lived together for three years in college, and now that I've been dating her brother for over three years, we're practically family. She's one of my oldest -- and most special -- friends and today I'm going to honor her with a Special Edition of Positively Present Picks, also known as Reasons I Love Blair. Below you'll find 30 reasons why Blair is, well, awesome. 


1. She always asks how I'm doing (and really listens). 

2. She's a loving mom to her new baby, Piper. 

3. She was a great college roommate. (Me? Not always the best...) 

4. She's always honest (even when it's hard). 

5. She goes out of her way for her friends. 

6. She's known me forever (and loves me anyway!). 

7. She's one of the few card-senders. 

8. She always finds a way to make me laugh. 

9. She's a great gift giver (even pre-Whimventory!).  

10. She values my input (especially on holiday cards!). 

11. She's very interested in the lives of others. 

12. She supports what matters to me. 

13. She's always appreciative of what I give or do. 

14. She's an expert listener, never interrupting.   

15. She told me about someecards. (Love that site!)

16. She's seen me at my worst (and still likes me!). 

17. She checks in on sick little Bella

18. She writes hilarious Instagram captions. 

19. She doesn't put up with bullshit. 

20. She never (seemed to) judge my old wild ways.

21. She is one of Bella's favorites. 

22. She appreciates a good day at the beach. 

23. She let me date her brother. ;)

24. She has a very funny sarcastic side. 

25. She's loved (and liked!) by her siblings.   

26. She keeps me up to date on HC gossip. 

27. She appreciates a really good sad song. 

28. She knows how to keep a secret. 

29. She doesn't hold a grudge (i.e., the hurricane night...). 

30. She's a truly phenomenal friend. 


I'm so lucky to have known Blair for over 15 years (!!!). Over all those years, we've been through a lot. In high school, we passed notes in math class, got ourselves into trouble, and played the (now regrettable) role of mean girls. In college, we spent hours IMing each other (back when that was a thing), shared quite a few frozen yogurts, talked endlessly about breakups and makeups, and watched a seemingly endless parade of roommates come in and out of our Hartwick house. We coped with snowstorms and hurricanes, crazy rugby players (aka, my future brother-in-law) and even crazier roommates.

Since college, we've grown even closer. When she was ready to say "I do," I said, "I'm in!" and we traveled to Jamaica for a sun-splashed wedding weekend. When I fell in love with her brother, she never once tried to hold me back (though I bet she might have wanted to at first!). When she told me she was pregnant, I immediately started planning a baby shower in my mind (hello, pink circus theme!). And when Piper finally arrived, all the hours and hours of waiting in that hospital were completely erased from my mind the second I saw Blair with that cute little baby girl.

We've been there for each other's big moments -- and, maybe even more importantly, for the little ones too. I'm so happy (and fortunate!) to have a friend like Blair, and I wish her the very best 30th birthday a girl could have!

Happy Birthday, Blair!



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What a sweet post! Great friendships are amazing when you find them! Happy 30th Blair!

Saggleo - Thank you! I'm definitely very lucky to have a friend like Blair. :)

Aww you're a wonderful friend. Happy birthday, Blair!

Kris - Thanks! :) I'm lucky to have a wonderful friend to write about!

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