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positively present picks: february 1, 2013




"People always tend to behave on the outside
consistently with the way they see themselves on the inside." 

 Brian Tracy





Self Love Month : remember it from 2011? it's making a come-back in 2013

Partly Blue : the most amazing weather forecasting app I've seen

Sweet Valley High : old-school books are making a big comeback in my life

Snowflakes Up Close : had so much fun taking close-up photos : receive quarterly gifts from influencial people. so cool!

DIY 3D Paper Hearts : so much fun for Valentine's Day

GoodReads : always loved it, but I've been super into books lately

Transition Made Easy : a must-have guide for coping with change

Tegan and Sara : released a new (amazing!) album this week : a beautiful Etsy shop with a brilliant variety of little goodies



Check out this week's Positively Present playlist on YouTube

"Breakers" – Local Natives
"Time to Run" – Lord Huron
"Rollin' Over"  – Skinny Lister
"Sweater Weather" – The Neighbourhood
"So American" – Portugal.The Man
"Get Gone" – White Arrows
"I Run Empty" – Tegan & Sara
"Wildest Moments" – Jessie Ware
"Wild Country" – Wake Owl
"Open Season" – High Highs
"Darlin' Do Not Fear"  – Brett Dennen
"Gamble" – Lucy Rose
"Spotlight" – Leagues
"Future" – theBlack&theWhite

The Wakefields of Sweet Valley
Francine Pascal

The Weird Sisters
Eleanor Brown

Daphne's Book
Mary Downing Hahn 


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I used to love the Sweet Valley High books!! Those photos of snowflakes are amazing! And I am so excited for self-love month - I can't wait to see what you have in store.

Have a lovely weekend :)

I just added you on Goodreads. I've recently fallen in love with it myself! Thank you for your blog, I save the majority of your posts to look back on.

Jenn - When I realized I'd given all my SVH books away, I just had to buy some new ones. They were so good when I was a kid. Can't wait to see what they're like now. It was so much fun to snap shots of the photos up close. They really ARE all so different. Stay tuned for self-love month! Lots of fun things coming!

WG - Awesome! GoodReads is the best. I've had such a good time discovering books I used to love as a kid (hence the latest SVH obsession). Thanks for reading Positively Present!

Thanks so much for linking to my guide. You're the best!

Ashley - You're welcome! It's an awesome guide and I definitely think my readers could get a lot out of it!

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