the abc's of self-love: inspiration for loving who you are
how to be your own valentine

positively present picks: february 8, 2013





"To love oneself is the beginning
of a life-long romance." 

 Oscar Wilde





The ABC's of Self-Love : so thrilled with the great response to this launch
Grab your copy here while it's still only $8!

Back to the Future : these recreated photos are amazing! 

How to Remain Optimistic : perfect for any adversity you might be facing

Starting a Business? : a great read of 35 gut checks to consider first

Self Awareness : the secret ingredient for success according to this NYT article

Giphy : the best gifs on the web in one spot (warning: it's addictive!)

Cope with Those Who Bring You Down : excellent advice here

Why You Never Leave High School : most vivid memories are from ages 15-25!

Downton Abbey : finally started watching this amazing show

21st Century Home Office : according to 1967... very interesting indeed!

Haters Gonna Hate : Ellen's take is particularly interesting

Attitude : a quote that reminded me how important attitude really is

 Marquee Light DIY : really love this idea -- so clever!


Check out this week's Positively Present playlist on YouTube

"Highway Don't Care" – Tim McGraw
(featuring Taylor Swift)
"One Drop" – Plumb
"So Calm" – Cave Painting
"Breathe" – Tristan Prettyman
"Lofticries" – Purity Ring
"We Are Trees" – Sunrise Sunset
"Fake Empire" – The National
"Time After Time" – Tegan & Sara
"Colourful Life" – Cajan Dance Party
"On the Road" – Keane
"Veronika" – Tim & Jean
"A Little Opus" – Little Comets
"Happy People" – Dry Spells
"Up All Night" – Kip Moore 
"White Days" – The Lighthouse & the Whaler
"Our Hearts" – Firehorse 


The Weird Sisters
Eleanor Brown

Daphne's Book
Mary Downing Hahn 


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