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positively present picks: june 21, 2013


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"Now and then its good to pause
in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy"

Guillaume Apollinaire


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5 Tips for Living in the Present : you can never have too many tips

Bitchy Resting Face PSA : I could totally relate to this, ha!

The Internet IS Real Life : great article about online/offline time

You Are Allowed : a great way to think of a new habit

Living the Courage : this documentary looks so inspiring!

Vending Gone Postal : get a free candy bar with the code POSITIVE

The Secret Language of Birthdays : this was spot-on for me

Custom Pet Pillow : I wonder what Barkley would think of this?!

5 Tips to Make Friends as an Adult : the trick is to act like a kid

How to Say No : such an imporatant skill for a happy life

Illustration Inspiration : I'm obsessed with stalking beautiful illustration

Check out this week's Positively Present playlist on YouTube


"June on the West Coast" — Bright Eyes
"The Right Thing to Do" — SBTRKT ft. Jessie Ware
"Open Road" — Roo Panes
"Time of My Life" — MR MS
"Counting Stars" — OneRepublic
"You Are Enough" — Sleeping at Last
"Nunca" — Trails and Ways
"Blueprint" — Eden Mulholland
"Live Your Life" — MIKA
"Favorite Song" — Kaiser Cartel
"Resolution" — Matt Corby
"Wandering"  — Radical Face
"Past Present Future" — Oliver Tank


Girls in White Dresses  
Jennifer Close

The Happiness Hypothesis: Finding Modern Truth in Ancient Wisdom   
Jonathan Haidt



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