11 ways to conquer your fear of change
toughen up: how to handle criticism positively

positively present picks: september 6, 2013


image from www.positivelypresent.com

"Fall has always been my favorite season.
The time when everything bursts with its last beauty,
as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale."

Lauren DeStefano


image from www.positivelypresent.com

On Comparison : comparison truly is the thief of joy

How to Start Uncluttering Your Life : it's never to let to get it in order

Custom Pet Stamps : want a Barkley one of these so badly! 

Staying Happy at Work : not often easy, but these tips should help

Easy to Buy, Hard to Use : this really made me think about what I buy

Life-Changing Thinking Habit : a great article on gratitude

Pretty Fluffy's New Look : I love this site + I'm lovin' its new look

Tiny Buddha's Guide to Loving Yourself : because self-love rocks 

I Love Dogs Tote : do I need this Romy + Jacob tote? yes. yes, I do. 

September Desktop Background : a Nicole's Classes free download

Open Up More : thoughts + actions to help you be more open

5 Ways to Escape a Rut : because we all get in one from time to time


Check out this week's Positively Present playlist on YouTube.  

"Pumpin Blood" — NoNoNo
"September" — The Shins
"Wake Me Up" — Avicii
"Ways to Go" — Grouplove
"Head Is Not My Home" — MS MR
"The Starting Line" — Keane
"Wolves" — Bronze Radio Return
"Wrecking Ball" — Miley Cyrus
"All Eyes on You" — St. Lucia
"Escape" — Asta
"Smoke" — Daughter
"Feel So Low" — No Ceremony///
"The Beauty Surrounds" — Houses
"Autumn Fallin'" — Jaymay
"September" — Earth, Wind, & Fire
"Don't Save Me" — HAIM
"Very Loud" — Shout Out Louds

Ann Patchett

You Can Be Happy No Matter What
Richard Carlson


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beautiful quote that makes it almost okay that summer is ending :)

Thanks so much for the link love! Great wrap up :)

Jennifer - Haha, I know! It's sad summer is almost over!

Serena - You're welcome! LOVE your site!

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