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What a great idea!!! I keep seeing the jar idea , too but this way seems easier. Plus, you can be reminded from year, to year of what were you were grateful for in years past. Thanks for sharing.

Love this idea! I actually like the bright colored pieces of paper ... very cheery! After the year is over you could transfer the scraps of paper into a ziploc bag labeled with the year. The ziploc bag is easy to store in small places, and when you need a little "pick-me-up" you can grab a bag and look through all those moments that made you happy from previous years.
- Pam

im 18 and i have been doing almost this same thing for a few years now. every year i somehow receive a dated dairy, so every day i right down things under three headings: what im thankful for, what im sorry for and what i learnt. looking back through the pages has helped me so much as a teenager. p.s love the colorful pages though =)

This is such a great idea! Since January 1 I've been trying to write down a couple of things from each day. I call it 'Today will be remembered for...' and while it doesn't necessarily have to be positive, just the things that happen, it seems to mainly be about great things. I also added 'The best part about today was...' which I like because it forces me to think about the things I enjoyed most about the day. A pattern is forming already and it's clear the best parts of my day are when I'm moving (running/walking) or actively playing games with my kids or with my friends!

So many people would no doubt feel so much happier if they engaged in these simple little things.

Happy 2014!

I started a gratitude journal, which sounds similar to what you did in 2013. I kind of like the idea of filling up a jar though. It's a great way to visualize the goodness in life. I think I might do that this year!

Carmen @ Awesome Woman Project

Sherry - I'm excited about trying the new idea. I hope I'll enjoy it as much as I did putting all of those little scraps of paper into the jar.

Pamela - Great idea! I decided to save my 2013 scraps in a little baggie so I can go back to them next year or whenever I need a little reminder to be grateful!

Cindy - Keeping track in a diary is a great idea too. I keep a daily planner so that might be something to consider. I'm a little bummed that I won't have all of the color this year, but I'm trying think of creative ways to keep it colorful.

Kate - Thanks! I love your idea of tracking a few things in order to pick up on patterns. That's a really brilliant idea and could be really helpful for getting more in touch with yourself and figuring out what you need more (or less) of in your life.

Carmen - A gratitude journal is a great idea too! I had one of those and it really helped me to stay grateful (though I often forgot to write in it, which was the only downside!). The jar definitely caught my attention every time I walked by it, which helped remind me to stay focused on the good things in life.

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