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getting to know... kate tucker + the sons of sweden

Kate Tucker

Those of you who have been Positively Present for awhile know I love music. I even make weekly playlists (check them out here) of the songs I'm loving at the moment. A little while ago, I discovered one of my new favorites—Kate Tucker & the Sons of Sweden—and I was lucky enough to get an opportunity to interview Kate Tucker herself! You can check out the interview below—and, after the interview, you'll see that Kate's been generous enough to do an awesome giveway for two lucky winners! Yay! 


Tell us a bit about Kate Tucker & the Sons of Sweden.

Kate Tucker and the Sons of Sweden is an indie rock band formed in Seattle, Washington and based in Nashville, Tennessee. We play lush, layered pop songs with sparkling melodies and shimmering soundscapes. We’re about to release our new record The Shape The Color The Feel on our own label, Red Valise Recordings, on February 11, 2014.


Your new album, The Shape The Color The Feel, is coming out in February. What's the general feel of the album? What inspired it?

We titled it this because it is a highly collaborative visual album and throughout its making, we invited several artists to help us give the music its own shape, color, and feel.


What inspires you when you're writing songs / singing? Certain people, emotions, experiences?

As a songwriter, I am very visually driven. I think of movies I’ve seen, specific scenes and the way they feel to me, the way mood is conveyed in color, motion, and design. I communicate in this way with my band and so our songs have layers and moods that develop with the musical arrangements. We are always drawing on our own experiences, even when referencing films. It’s our experience of watching that scene for the first time. It’s our interpretation.


Do you have any advice for anyone who wants to follow his/her dream?

If you want to follow your own dream, be brave. Don’t panic when you’re down to ramen noodles and a few bucks in change. Spend a lot of time alone formulating your vision, write it down, and say it out loud so you can hear it for yourself. Then go tell someone and see who will listen.


Which of your lyrics do you love the most and why?

On this new album, The Shape The Color The Feel, I really love the song “Wide Open Plain.” It’s got a lot going on underneath, but it’s also a very simple story, a simple truth, a simple human experience that is my own and also many other’s. It’s universal, so I like that it takes something cosmic like a constellation and puts him in a car, speeding on the interstate.

I will find Orion
A million miles away
Speeding in a car
On the interstate
I could use a hunter
He could use a war
You can throw your stars
On the ocean floor 


What do you do to stay positive and present when you're on tour?  

Staying present in everyday life is challenging enough for me, and even more so when I’m on stage night after night. I try to stay grounded with yoga or meditation or journaling or sleep or any combination of these things. It can be tough when you’re in a van most the time, but taking time to go inward is essential for me.


Anything else you would like to add?

Our new record is out February 11, 2014 on vinyl, compact disc, and online. In the meantime, you can download “Blue Hotel,” an advance track from the record, featured on the iTunes exclusive Nashville Indie Spotlight. “Blue Hotel” is one of thirty songs by thirty different Nashville based indie artists so this is a great way to to spend $7.99 and find your new favorite bands. The first single from our record “Looking Around” is also available on iTunes. Watch the video, directed by Jason Smythe, here.



Want to win a digital copy of the The Shape The Color The Feel AND a digital copy of the Nashville Indie Spotlight compilation? I know you do! Check out how to enter below and you could be one of two lucky winners! 


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Important Details

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