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Wow, I wish I had read this when I was about 12 and kept reading it every day. I would have saved myself so much heartache and stress.

Ironically enough I've decided to start the construction of my own boarder between my "friends" and I - a little different than the content you've posted but still along the same lines.

I'm seventeen and am finishing my senior year of high school. I live in an area where there are several small towns about an hour away from each other. This year my friends have been having a tendency to exclude me from everything.

At first I tried to justify to myself that it was just because I lived so far away but then around Christmas when I planned this shopping trip and they all went without me - there were no more justifications to be made.

My current issue is lunch. I'm aspiring to be a music teacher and occasionally I like to spend my lunch practicing my flute - when I show up to lunch to eat with the girls they often say "Nice of you to show up"

I've confronted my best friend - who will not admit to being aware of any form of exclusion that she's contributed to.

I realized this weekend the only reason that I'm making myself miserable day after day - eating lunch with people who have become my fake friends - is because I want to celebrate the end of my high school career with them at Prom - my epiphany then went on to make me realize that if I simply skip lunch then I can be happy every single day of my senior year instead of being happy that one day (prom)

I've typed all of this because I've recently stumbled upon your blog and it's already made such a huge difference in my life. I just wanted to hear your thoughts on my situation.

Sarah - I'm so glad you've found Positively Present and it's making a difference in your life. If I were in your situation, I'd do what I could to find some new friends. These friends don't seem like they're all that worth having since they don't make you feel more positive. It can be hard not to stick to what you know, but sometimes trying to find new people to befriend (even outside of your school) can put your other friendships in perspective. Hope this helps!

Feeling guilty is a big issue. We feel we must be available for others. This causes us to Not set boundaries. Thanks for this great post.

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