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Love all the positivity happening here, Dani! Just found your blog this morning... it's SO refreshing to see a unique post about the 'month of love' and Valentine's Day that isn't all roses and chocolate.

Thanks a million! :)

Love this post! Woke up today feeling tired and groggy and now I'm feeling inspired and energized! Thank you. :)

Thanks for that important reminder on the dangers of "mirroring". I totally used to do this with friends to support their own statements - not realizing that I was actually bringing my own self-esteem down in the process. You bring up some great techniques here for self-monitoring and keeping positive thoughts in check. I definitely live by most of these rules already, but it's nice to get the reassurance that you're recommending it too :)

What a nice post! I agree that mirroring is especially insidious, and have found that an even MORE dangerous habit is to downplay something about yourself that others actually really like about you. Doing this to make yourself seem humble can unintentionally put others down: it implies that your success isn't good enough, even though it is beyond theirs. I have had this experience both ways ... when I give someone a compliment about something I admire but have not accomplished it and they pooh-pooh it, and when they compliment me and I realize later I should have accepted the admiration graciously and didn't. Wise words.

for some reason it says abode won't let me view the image when i click on download! I'll keep trying though!

I love the list! Loving is so easy but we insist in making hard. Thanks for making the world more positive with your words.

Be mindful of your words. This is it exactly, what we think in our minds comes out in our hearts and establishes itself into our lives.

We create our word from the thoughts we think, through the words we say and through the actions we take which are most often in support of the prevailing ideas we started with.

This is an excellent post and serves well for anyone to read and take action on. Thank you.

I am completely guilty of countering others praise of me by telling them something I'm not good at. Time to stop.

I'm a big believer in the things you put out are the things you attract back.

Alysa - So glad you found Positively Present! Thanks for stopping by and checking out this post!

Stephanie - You're welcome! Thanks for reading!

Jason - Mirroring is a tricky thing because we generally want to connect with those around us and it can sometimes be an easy way to do so. Glad to hear that you're already doing most of these things!

Sarah - I agree: downplaying is a really dangerous habit. As you said, it makes you feel humble, but it can actually be very negative.

Liv - Hope the download worked. If you can't get it, email me!

Veronica - Thanks! So glad you enjoyed the list! I spent a lot of time looking for the words so I'm happy to hear that you enjoy it.

Stephen - Being mindful of your words is so very important. You're so right about how we create our world from what we think.

Katherine - Glad to hear you're going to stop countering that praise! You deserve to take it to heart and love yourself!

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