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28 ways to create a bit of inner springtime

positively present picks: march 21, 2014

Bd87398262d88a3784069c91f378b10eSo excited to be in Florida right now! 


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"A vacation is having nothing to do
and all day to do it in."

Robert Orben


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18 Inspirational Quotes for Spring : hooray for a new season!

Why Do Dogs Leave Earth First : this made me smile and cry

Saving Greeting Cards : what a cute idea for keeping them

33 Tips for Dealing with Stress : some really good ideas here

Tote Magazine : what a great new read for college girls!

15 Side Benefits of Living in the Present : great reasons to stay now

Letters to My Future Self : such a clever idea. love it.

25 Ways to Avoid the Trap of Overwhelm : being overwhelmed is no fun

Canva : what a great site for creating cool graphics

Desire Map : the weekly subscription is now free. awesome!

Upholder, Rebel, Questioner, or Obliger : which one are you?

17 Things You Do When You Have an Office Jobhilarious!

Five Minute Journal App : such a great way to stay present


image from www.positivelypresent.com

Check out this week's
   Positively Present playlist on YouTube  

"A Mountain, A Peak" — Bill Ricchini
"No Time to Speak" — Bear Driver
"The Fault in Our Stars" — Troye Sivan
"Something Good" — Alt-J
"Always Spring" — I'm From Barcelona
"The Hideout" — Sarah Harmer
"Flowers in Your Hair" — The Lumineers
"Call It Off" — Tegan and Sara
"Lift Your Spirit" — Aloe Blacc
"Daydream" — Jullian Edwards
"One Minute More" — Capital Cities
"Best Friend" — Foster the People

A Thousand Acres
Jane Smiley


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Love that <3 Actually took a trip to the beach this past week to reconnect!

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