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positively present picks: july 25, 2014

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"You’ll become known for doing what you do.
It’s a simple saying, but it’s true…The only way to start being asked to do
something you want to do is to start doing that thing on your own.”

Jonathan Harris



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20+ Ways to Show Yourself Love : go on, be good to yourself!

Pets Interrupting Yoga : pets love to get in on the yoga fun

Don't Be Perfect, Just Be Good : perfection is seriously overrated

9 Instinctive Decisions You'll Always Regret : powerful stuff

Fairytales Are Real : these places will make you believe

29 Things You Should Give Up to Be Happy

Chase Your Dreams : perfect print for dog lovers + dreamers 

Just Stop Doing It : brilliant (yet so simple!) advice

99 Positive Affirmations : add some of these phrases into your life!

DENY Fox Bedding : this duvet cover is everything

Photojojo's Time Capsule : this is a brilliant idea (and it's free!)

On Pinterest : reached 10,000 followers this week! wow!


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Positively Present playlist on YouTube

"Break the Fall" — Laura Welsh
"Centered On You" — Atlas Genius
"Beggin for Thread" — Banks
"Secrets" — Mary Lambert
"Caution to the Wind" — Becky Hill
"Pools" — Glass Animals
"Dear In Your Headlights" — Blondfire
"Fancy (Cover)" — Madilyn Bailey
"The Fear" — Ben Howard
"Go Slow" — HAIM
"Wildfire" — John Mayer
"All Smiles" — Jess Penner

Abide with Me
Elizabeth Strout

David and Goliath
Malcolm Gladwell


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I love this quote. I wish I had had it before I posted my last blog post, because it totally applies to my current situation. Off to chase my dreams by doing what I love.

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