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positively present picks: november 28, 2014

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"It is in our idleness, in our dreams, that the
submerged truth sometimes comes to the top." 

Virginia Woolf


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How to Overcome Self Doubt : we all have doubts, but don't let them rule

#ProjectPositive : striving to stamp out self-inflicted negativity. love!

Teach People How to Treat You : take control of how others treat you

10 Things You Need in Your Creative Space : or any workspace, really

How to Buy Less + Stop Spending : great article + a free printable

Minute of Life : loving this one-minute video concept and website

Privileges to be Thankful For : how many do you often take for granted?

Grateful : free desktop and iPhone beautiful backgrounds

3 Quick Tips for a Positive Mindset : perfect for a pick-me-up

Feeling Overwhelmed? : if you feel stressed, try doing a Stress Assess

Journeys Are the Midwives of Thought : this quote is so spot on

5 Ways to Stop Worrying : it's can be hard to stop but these will help

Christmas Photo Challenge : celebrate the season with this! 


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Positively Present playlist on YouTube

"The Days" (Cover) — Jasmine Thompson
"Cold Afternoon" — The Dig
"Happy Idiot" — TV on the Radio
"Magic" — Paperwhite
"Day Glo" — Brazos
"But I Do" — Now, Now
"Journey" — BUNT (feat. Emma Carn)
"Desire" — Years and Years
"Touch" — Shura
"Love You Anyway" — Ji Nilsson + Marlene
"Robbers" — The 1975
"Winter" (Remix) — Daughter


The Museum of Extraordinary Things
Alice Hoffman

(pre-order my book, coming in January!)

The Positively Present Guide to Life
Dani DiPirro


how to tackle Thanksgiving Day stressors



Here in America, Thanksgiving Day is almost upon us. For those who love the turkey and mashed potatoes, the football watching and the launch of the holiday season, it can be a joyous time of year. But, unfortunately, the beloved American holiday doesn't always bring joy for everyone. For many, it means an increase in stress due to meal preparation and travel and the inevitable family get-togethers, which, let's face it, don't always go as smoothly as we'd like.

As wonderful as it is to celebrate the holiday (and kick off the holiday season!), it can definitely be a stressful time of year, which is why I've come up with some potential stress-inducing situations and paired them with some coping mechanisms for making it through the holiday. 


STRESSOR #1: Too much togetherness 

You might love your family, but spending significant amounts of time with all of them at once can be a bit much. It’s hard not to get caught up in wanting to be somewhere else when you’ve had enough family time, but when you find yourself overwhelmed by those you love, take a moment to imagine life without them and be thankful for the moments you have with them.

STRESSOR #2: Unexpected delays

Nothing ramps up holiday stress like an unexpected delay—a flight grounded by bad weather, a turkey taking way too long to cook. Instead of fretting about being late or having to wait, try to enjoy the extra time you have on your hands. Read an extra chapter or two in your book, call a loved one for a chat, or start a board game with the family. Rather than dwelling on the delay, be thankful for the surprise of extra time.

STRESSOR #3: Maddening mishaps

Every year it happens: something goes wrong. The food’s burnt. The taboo topic is brought up. The guests who declined arrive anyway. Instead of focusing on what’s wrong, choose to focus on what’s right. A mishap might shine a light on a minor catastrophe, but you have the option to redirect that beam to all that’s still going right. Be grateful for the things that have fallen properly into place.

STRESSOR #4: Awkward interactions

During holiday festivities, you’re bound to encounter someone you’d rather not see, cuing awkwardness. Oddly enough, awkward feelings are something you should be grateful for. When you feel awkward, you have a chance to learn, to ask yourself what makes you uncomfortable and either choose to overcome or avoid it. Be thankful for that opportunity. 


Wherever you find yourself on Thursday (and whether or not you celebrate Thanksgiving), I hope your day is as stress-free and joyful as possible. And if you need some more inspiration to keep you feeling thankful, check out Get Grateful : A Gratitude Round-Up for articles, inspiration, and activities. 

Happy Thanksgiving! 

positively present picks: november 21, 2014


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“People generally see what they look for
and hear what they listen for."

Harper Lee


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Spark Notebook Kickstarter : I designed this for the amazing Popforms team
+ I'm so excited to see the project coming together! yay!

How to Get Shit Done When You're Unmotivated : really great advice here

9 Negative Thoughts That Push People Away : avoid these for sure!

How to Stop Negative Thoughts : tips for getting rid of that negativity for good

Love Your Face : these products look amazing (and inspiring too!)

7 Habits of Happy People : these are all such great habits to aspire to have

Destroy Before You Create : Danielle LaPorte is really on to something...

What Happened When I Stopped Thinking I Needed a Boyfriend

Be Here Now : how staying present can help you manifest what you want

5 Signs You're on the Right Path : a great way to check in with yourself

How I Met the Love of My Life : this story is so very inspiring!

10 Important Questions to Ask Yourself Right Now : some great questions

6 Tips to Heal a Broken Heart : because ignoring isn't healing...

The Viennese Girl : I'm really loving this blog I recently discovered

Why Do We Push Away Positive Feelings? : positivity is power 


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Check out this week's
Positively Present playlist on YouTube

"Blank Space" — Taylor Swift
"Riptide" (Cover) — Jasmine Thompson
"Walk Unafraid" — First Aid Kit
"Love Who Loves You Back" — Tokio Hotel
"Heartbeat" — Mat Kearney
"Helplessly" — Tatiana Manaois
"Try Again" — Miranda Dodson
"Blank Space" (Cover) — Tyler Ward
"Eros (In the Open)" — Young the Giant
"Different Colors" — Walk the Moon
"The Heart Wants..." — Selena Gomez
"Get Away" — Chvrches

Winter Street
Elin Hilderbrand

Your Life Isn't for You
Seth Adam Smith

(pre-order my book, coming in January!)

The Positively Present Guide to Life:
How to Make the Most of Every Moment

Dani DiPirro


get grateful: a gratitude round-up!



I try to cultivate an attitude of gratitude all year long, but this time of year always encourages me to think more about what it means to be thankful — and to contemplate what I'm thankful for. Maybe it's because it's Thanksgiving or it's because it's the time of year that I do my annual Gratitude Photo Challenge, but for whatever reason, for me this time of year is all about being appreciative for what I have.

I've been using — and reaping the benefits of — gratitude a lot in my life lately. It's been a crazy couple of months for me — going through a breakup, moving to a new place, starting awesome new projects — and sometimes it's hard not to get caught up in the frantic pace of transformation and daily life. Lately, when I find myself feel anxious or stressed, I do what I can to redirect my attention to gratitude, to all the things I'm so fortunate to have in my life. And, wow, is it helpful. No matter how I'm feeling or what I'm experiencing, when I start thinking about all that I'm thankful for, it's hard to stay stressed or upset. 

Gratitude is an absolutely essential aspect of living a positive and present life so I thought I'd celebrate it a bit this week week by rounding up some articles, printables, and activities that will hopefully inspire you (and me!) to embrace an attitude of gratitude. 



31 Benefits of Gratitude : it's amazing how much you can benefit!

Boost Your Health with Gratitude : better health is just one of the many benefits

Expanding the Science of Gratitude : get some academic insight here

Make Good Use of Your Gratitude : the many uses of gratefulness

10 Reasons Gratitude is Healthy : more reasons to give thanks

How to Practice Gratitude : perfect if you struggle with thankfulness

4 Ways to Say Thank You : inspiration to be extra appreciative

Get Grateful : read inspiring quotes + insights on Pinterest

Which Comes First: Happiness or Gratitude? : I bet you already know...

60 Things to Be Grateful For : use this list to feel extra appreciative

How to Say 'I Love You' with Gratitude : thankfulness = love

Change Just One Word : transform how you look at your life

7 Habits of Grateful People : start making these habits yours

Mastering the Art of Gratitude : 'cause Oprah knows what's up

How Gratitude Can Make You Successful : give thanks, get more

5 Tips for Starting a Gratitude Journal : they really do work wonders

The Benefits of Having a Grateful Day : make today a thankful one



Gratitude Garland : write what you appreciate + hang for inspiration

Printable Thank You Notes : print these + give them to those you love

Give Thanks Quote Cards : perfect for scrapbooks + vision boards

Gratitude Leaves Printable : write what you're thankful for on these leaves

Gratitude Jar Printable : start a gratitude jar with these printables

Pretty Printable Thankfulness Notes : jot down your gratitude on these

Thanksgiving Day Printables : the "Give Thanks" banner is lovely

Gratitude Journal : print this mini journal for inspiration

Thankful Book : a great idea for capturing + saving gratitude

Gratitude Lists : print these little lists + fill them with thanks

Simple Journal Sheets : print out these simple, pretty lists 

Thankful Tags : print, fill out, + post up as reminders



2014 Gratitude Photo Challenge : start now for instant inspiration

Gratitude Mandela : make one of these to increase thankfulness

21 Days of Gratitude Prompts : inspire yourself with these prompts

Count Your Blessings Family Tree : be thankful for family with this

101 Ways to Say Thank You : ideas for expressing gratitude

Gratitude Rolls : eat these delicious rolls and be thankful

20 Attitudes of Gratitude for Your Home : little ways to be thankful at home

Thankful Pumpkin : decorate a pumpkin with all you're thankful for

Gratitude Scavenger Hunt : a great idea for kids (+ fun grown ups!)

Chalkboard Calendar : make this now + use it year after year

Miniature Gratitude Journals : matchbook-style thankfulness

Gratitude Journal Prompts : perfect inspiration for appreciation

The Thankful Tree : inspiring and a great autumnal decoration


I hope these links filled with information, insights, and inspiration will motivate you to explore the ways you can keep gratitude at the forefront of your mind. It's not always easy to do — especially when times are tough — but being thankful is one of the best ways I've found to stay positive and present. If you know of any other great gratitude links, please let me know about them in the comments section! 



You can cultivate even more gratitude in your life by learning to be thankful for yourself and all that makes you who you are. You can discover (and appreciate!) more about yourself and what matters to you by downloading a copy of Finding Yourself: A Soul-Searching Workbook for Surprising Self Discovery. Filled with inspiration, questions, and activities to get you thinking about what it means to be you, Finding Yourself is a must for learning more about who you are and about what matters most to you. Learn more about the workbook here and purchase your very own soul-searching copy here.

positively present picks: november 14, 2014



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“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears."

Nelson Mandela


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30-Day Gratitude Photo Challenge : halfway through + it's been great!

Xmas Gift Ideas : Christmas Alphabet + Elf Mug on Society6

7 Step Guide to Heartbreak : an essential for navigating the pain

Are You Settling in a Relationship? : three quick questions to sort it out 

Free Yourself from Judgments + Drama : such wonderful inspiration

5 Life Lessons to Learn from Your Dog : 'cause dogs are brilliant!

A Beautiful Mess Shop : my new favorite online shopping spot

Life Changing Benefits of Gratitude : 8 reasons it's great to be grateful

13 Things to Lose Your Fear : less fear = more progress

Touchable Memories : 3D art from photos? so incredibly cool!

15 Inspirational Quotes from Stephen Hawking

Love Yourself : a new Pinterest board all about self-love 

What Will You Be Devoted to in 2015? : a worksheet to get started!


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Check out this week's
Positively Present playlist on YouTube

"Suburbia" — Right the Stars
"Rollercoaster" — Bleachers
"Lover to Lover" — Florence + the Machine
"Progress" — Francisco the Man
"Giving Up" — Haerts
"End of the Affair" — Ben Howard
"Hurricane" — Halsey
"Stay Together" — Madi Diaz
"Fortify" — Kate Miller
"My Oh My" — Tristan Prettyman
"Mr. November" — The National
"Still" — Daughter


The Night Circus
Erin Morgenstern

The Desire Map
Danielle LaPorte