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positively present picks: february 13, 2015



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"I have no notion of loving people by halves. It is not in my nature.
My attachments are always excessively strong."

Jane Austen


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ELLE Magazine Coach of the Month : OMG! so excited to be featured!

Downloadable Valentines : for those last-minute love interests ;)

How to Beat the Winter Blues : great tips from Free People

In Love with Love : get in the Valentine's Day spirit on Pinterest

Fox Farm : I want to travel to Japan so badly just to see this!

When the "Right" Person Isn't Right for You : really great subject

67 Short Pieces of Advice You Didn't Ask For : love all of these

LOVE by Tiny Buddha App : this app is fantastic + inspiring

5 Indoor Activities to Do with Your Dog : perfect for cabin fevered pups

76 Not-So-Random Acts of Kindness : I'm gonna try some of these

Dani Ring : anyone want to buy me this? I'll love you forever ;)

Do You Still Love What You Once Loved? : a poignant question

2 Important Anagrams to Strengthen Your Relationships


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Check out this week's
Positively Present playlist on YouTube

"Thinking Out Loud" — Ed Sheerhan
"I'm On Fire" — Awolnation
"This Year's Love" — Ledda
"Heart Is a Drum" — Beck
"Electric Love" — BORNS
"Stay With Me" — Sam Smith
"Always Love" — Nada Surf
"Love Love Love" — Tristan Prettyman
"Exactly" — Amy Steinberg
"This Modern Love" — Bloc Party
"Elevator Love Letter" — Stars
"What Kind of Man" — Florence + the Machine


Cutting for Stone
Abraham Verghese

Love 2.0: Creating Happiness and Health
in Moments of Connection

Barbara L. Fredrickson Ph.D.

(pre-order my book, coming soon!)

The Positively Present Guide to Life
Dani DiPirro



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