Why You Need Lower Expectations
5 Ways to Connect with Your Creativity

Positively Present Picks : July 29, 2016

July Favorites! Check out the video above (or click here if you can't see it).



“If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit."



Emotional Inheritance : wow, this was a fascinating read! 

Make Your Own Rules : I'm not a rule-follower so I loved this

Humpback Whale Spraying a Rainbow : so beautiful + majestic

Eevee Beanie* : if you play Pokemon go, you know Eevee is the cutest ;)

7 Body-Positive Phrases You Should Get Comfortable With : yes!  

Quotes that Show Life from a Difference Perspective : switch your viewpoint

Stuck in Your Comfort Zone? : here are some ways to break free

Alice Art Print* : I absolutely love this Alice print. need it!!

8 Reasons to Start Self-Care Now : self-love = the best love

Broke, Single, + Happier Than Ever : and how you can be happier too

StickerApp : use code (DIPIRRO20) for 20% off custom stickers! yas!

Desire : a beautifully written article on figuring out what you want

The Difference Between Happiness + Joy : very thought-provoking stuff

Pinterest Board Updates : I refreshed my Pinterest page + I love it :)

Being Nice : this free printable is so adorable + inspiring



Listen to this playlist on YouTube.

"Cold Water" — Major Lazer
"Leave" — Sea Offs
"Unstoppable" — The Score
"The Forests of Time" — H1987
"Dreamstate" — Stonefox
"Wild"— Troye Sivan ft. Alessia Cara
"BWU" — Tegan & Sara
"Too Good" — Jasmine Thompson
"Bleeding Heart" — Regina Spektor
"You Don't Get Me High Anymore" — Phantogram



Check out my reading list on GoodReads.

Addiction Is the Symptom*
Rosemary Ellsworth Brown

Ten Timid Ghosts*
Jennifer O'Connell

Harry Potter and the
Order of the Phoenix*
J.K. Rowling


I write books too! Check it out...

The Positively Present Guide to Life*
Dani DiPirro

Stay Positive: Daily Reminders
from Positively Present*
Dani DiPirro 


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