To Really Live: Fear Death, Not Life
33 Lessons from Living 33 Years

Positively Present Picks : August 19, 2016





“There’s only one thing in life, and that’s
the continual renewal of inspiration."

Diana Vreeland


Spotify!finally getting into this. follow me to hear what I'm listening to! 

Be Your Own Beloved : why you need to be yours before you can be another's

Why Self-Care Makes You a Love Magnet : lovin' this Free People article

7 Things We Have to Stop Telling Ourselves about Other People

A Brief History of the Tumblr Witch : fascinating article on the modern witch

Thoughts on Divorce : wow, this is powerful. and applies to so many things.

NOW Watch : what an amazing concept + design. the time is always now. 

Throw Kindness Like Confetti*: carrying this would make me smile 

What Does Self-Love Really Mean? : thanks to SpaItGirl for this interview!

The Two Risk Mistakes : this short article is an absolute must-read

3 Ways to Outsmart Your Comfort Zone : get a little uncomfortable!

How to Change Your Negative Attitude : a great round-up of advice here

If Self-Love Seems Difficult, Start with Self-Like : love this concept



Listen to this playlist on YouTube.

"Stay High" — Tove Lo
"Everybody's Hurting" — Krista Polvere
"Wander" — Tim Atlas
"Cool Girl" — Tove Lo
"Marco Polo" — China Lane
"Lethal"— BLAJK
"Tell Me I'm Wrong" — Future Jr.
"Too Good" (Cover) — Sonna Rele
"Fools" — Troye Sivan
"Honey" — Miles de Carteret



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