33 Lessons from Living 33 Years
SLT: 4 Steps for Using Song Lyrics as Therapy

Positively Present Picks : August 26, 2016





"The truth is rarely pure and never simple."

Oscar Wilde


It's Virgo Season! : here's how to make the most of this season

100 Most Inspiring Self-Development Blogs : honored to be included :)

Feng Shui for Creativity : 10 ways to get creatively inspired

Why We Shouldn't Force Advice : and what actually helps instead

OPI Washington DC Collection* : got this for my b-day + I'm obsessed!

5 mins. 5 hours. 5 days. 5 years. a lifetime : connection is everything

Try to Stay Here if You Can : what an simply inspiring little story

Blue Q Socks* : I got this pair as a gift + love the design so much

My Life Belongs to Me : wise words from George Bernard Shaw

Your Brain Has a Delete Button : here's how you can use it

Dog Moms + Dads : every dog parent needs one of these pins

One Sketch a Day* : really hoping to get back into this again

Comparing Yourself to Others? : ask yourself this question first

Ask What's Strong, Not What's Wrong : such a positive perspective 



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"Fade Out" — Tegan and Sara
"Wildwood" — Fleurie
"Tag You're It" — Melanie Martinez
"Low" — TRACE
"Gone" — Michl
"Tell Me"— Capitale
"Out of Mind" — Tove Lo
"I Need a Forest Fire" — James Blake
"Let's Be Still" — The Head + the Heart
"Madhouse" — Luna Aura



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Results May Vary*
Bethany Chase

Harry Potter & the Order
of the Phoenix*
J.K. Rowling 


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The Positively Present Guide to Life*
Dani DiPirro

Stay Positive: Daily Reminders
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