Let the Dead Leaves Drop : Lessons from Autumn on Letting Go
How to Make Your Life Uncommonly Good

Positively Present Picks : September 23, 2016





“Some of us think holding on makes us strong;
but sometimes it is letting go.”

Hermann Hesse


10 Books That Changed My Life : check out my latest video! 

Happy Autumn! : I'm so thrilled my favorite season has arrived :)

Popular Myths about Success : these need to be ignored, not followed

100 Gratitude Quotes : loving this interactive page from TinyPrints

The Fringe Benefits of Failure : and the importance of imagination

Enlarge the Box : no matter what the problem, this is great advice

Clarity Is Sexy* : this candle sounds absolutely amazing

It's Not about Feeling Good All the Time : great take on self-love

Morning Routine : create one that sets you up for success

I Am a Cancer Warrior* : this coloring book is beautiful + inspiring

Abbey Lane Pottery : pretty mugs making me ready for autumn!

The Power of 5 : excellent advice for all areas of life

What to Do After You Have a Breakthrough : motivating + wise

12 Tips to Overcome Negative Thoughts : more space for positivity! 

You Are Exactly Where You Need to Be : even if it's hard to believe



Listen to this playlist on YouTube.
Finally on Spotify! Follow me!

"Wilderness" — Jacob Riddall
"Beyond" — Eden Fox
"Promises" — Handsome Ghost
"Where the Light Goes" — Native Kinds
"Cold Water" — Major Lazer
"Circles"— Hannah Epperson
"Wild Horses" — Birdy
"Drive" — Oh Wonder
"Alive" — Ben Phipps
"Dreamer" — Mokita



Check out my reading list on GoodReads.

Emotional Agility: Get Unstuck, Embrace Change,
and Thrive in Work and Life
Susan David, PhD

The Gratitude Power Workbook*
Nina Lesowitz

I write books too! Check it out...

The Positively Present Guide to Life*

Effortless Inspiration Series:
Gratitude, Living in the Moment, 
Compassion, and Forgiveness*

Stay Positive: Daily Reminders
from Positively Present*

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