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Positively Present Picks : September 30, 2016


Good Vibes Only


“We become what we think about." 

Earl Nightingale


How to Use Gratitude to Show Love : loved writing this piece 

Love Yourself Bomber Jacket* : obsessed with this new addition to my closet

Go Out or Stay In? : this cute little chart will help you decide

Magical Mind : I do quite love a little bit of magic (especially in fall!)

52 Experts Reveal Their Pre-Work Rituals : honored to be in this round-up! 

Detachment : it sounds negative, but it can be so, so positive

Why We Go Cold on Our Partners : it's more complex than you'd think

How to Love Yourself* : adding this to my to-read list ASAP

Fine Is a Four-Letter Word : "fine" is a lie + you can do better than that!

The Cult of Happiness : chasing happiness will only make you unhappy

No Bad Vibes* : definitely need to wear this cap everywhere ;)

Unlocking Your Heart to Love : been hurt or heartbroken? read this

Clueless Cher Costume* : definitely adding this to my Halloween roster!

At My Best : discover your strengths (+ get 50% off the 360 tool with code PP50!)

How True Self-Love Enhances Intuition : one of its many benefits! 

Glitter : an old casino filled with 4,000 glitter balloons? yes please.

What's the Most Loving Thing You Can Do? What's the Most Loving Thing You Can Do? : an essential question to ask 



Listen to this playlist on YouTube.
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"Stop Desire" — Tegan & Sara
"Gabriel" — HIGHS
"Young" — Cosmos & Creature
"Gemini" — PLGRMS
"Starving" — Hailey Steinfeld
"Big Light"— Houses
"True Colors" — J. Timberlake + A. Kendrick
"Older & Taller" — Regina Spektor
"Roses" — The Chainsmokers
"You Are Enough" — Sleeping at Last



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Love Warrior*
Glennon Doyle Melton

The Appetites of Girls*
Pamela Moses

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