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A-Wear-Ness: Mindfulness + What You Wear

Positively Present Picks : September 9, 2016




"The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely."

C.G. Jung


The Secret to Staying Motivated : even when you're not seeing results...

Introvert Hangovers : these are so, so real; I get them all the time! 

Making a Fuck That! List : love this concept via Gala Darling

Where Abundance Comes From : Raptitude always has such wise words

Don't Panic! : check out these ideas to reduce anxiety + fear

Things I Didn't Buy : I really need to start keeping a list like this!

The Signs of Internet Burnout : why you might need to take a break

Love + Self-Love : this video explains the link between them so well

Venture Shorts Podcast : so honored to be interviewed on here

Sorry Syndrome : are you apologizing too much? time to stop that!

The Capacity to Be Alone : oooh, this Osho quote is so, so good

Stop Thinking, Start Acting : it's the only way to create real change

The Bright Side of Your Bad Mood : bad moods aren't all bad

Self-Help List : a short list filled with lots and lots of wisdom

Feeling Stuck? : here are 7 must-read tips for getting out of a rut



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"Coffee" — Sylvan Esso
"Alone" — Plasi
"Vices" — BOYBOY
"Into the Unknown" — Postcards from Mars
"On My Own" — Bear Mountain
"We Are the Love"— Sutherland
"Slow Down" — The New Coast
"Old Pine" — Ben Howard
"Awake at Night" — Lowes
"Silver and Gold" — WILD



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Bad Girls Throughout History:
100 Remarkable Women Who Changed the World*
Ann Shen

Mating for Life*
Marissa Stapley

The Nest*
Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney

The Vacationers*
Emma Straub


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Effortless Inspiration Series:
Gratitude, Living in the Moment, 
Compassion, and Forgiveness*

Stay Positive: Daily Reminders
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