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4 Reasons to Love Halloween

Positively Present Picks : October 21, 2016


Always Ask


“Hope is the only thing stronger than fear.”

Suzanne Collins



When You Feel Discouraged : and check out the You're Going to Survive book

Finding Self-Compassion : this 10-minute guided meditation is great

Christmas Present Dog Sweater* : is it wrong that I want this for Barkley?

I Used to Be a Human Being : on technology and how it's an addiction

6 Practical Ways to Practice Being Present : 'cause it's so hard sometimes

Why Do Anything? : a NYTimes meditation on procrastination

Worry Eaters* : write down a worry, put it in the worry eater. cute idea!!

Don't Adopt Others' Anxiety : for designers, but powerful for anyone

21 Ways to Stay Positive in a Negative World : positivity is the place to be

How to Write To-Do Lists That Make You Happier at Work

The Healing Power of Compassion : a perfect pairing with my new book

Pumpkin Carving Stencils : get yourself in the Halloween spirit! 

I'm Done with the Calling-Out : less shit-talking, more empowerment. YES. 

8 Things Not to Say to Someone Struggling with Anxiety : excellent list

Manifesto for Creativity : love Danielle LaPorte's focus on truth

Feeling Stressed / Overwhelmed? : this is a great read from Zen Habits



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"The End" — Daughter
"Feel" — Victors
"Sunlight" — G Voz
"True Disaster" — Tove Lo
"Ghost" — Jeremy Messersmith
"Oh No!"— Marina & the Diamonds
"Coast Days" — Hanging Valleys
"Let Me In" — Sonofdov
"Animals" — Alec Benjamin
"Dreamer" — Mokita



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Pick Me Up: A Pep Talk for Now and Later*
Adam J. Kurtz

To Capture What We Cannot Keep*
Beatrice Colin

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The Positively Present Guide to Life*

Effortless Inspiration Series:
Gratitude, Living in the Moment, 
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Stay Positive: Daily Reminders
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Wow, thank you for the link to I Used To Be A Human. How... startling, unsettling, reassuring, thought-provoking :)

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