Bye, 2016! : A Look Back at the Year
2017: The Year of Self-Love

Positively Present Picks : December 30, 2016



"The new year stands before us,
like a chapter in a book,
waiting to be written."

Melody Beattie


New Year, Same Me : an old post I seem to re-read every new year

21 Innovations that Improved the World in 2016 : hooray for innovators!

End-of-Year Prompts : listen to this podcast for great inspiration

3 Quick Questions for a Happier 2017 : simple, but powerful queries

Forgiveness Is a Great Act of Kindness : more on forgiveness in my book

10 Signs Your Soul Wants You to Unplug : I have way too many of these. yikes.

Purpose is the New Medicine : what if we focused more on purpose? 

5 Key Lifestyle Changes for Staying Sober : lifestyle changes are vital for sobriety

New Year, No Procrastination : some tips for ending procrastination for good

Yoga for Everyone : want to try, but feel unsure? read this NYT article

Mindfully Free of Wanting People to Be a Certain Way : wow, this is powerful

10 Questions to Ask Yourself to End 2016 Feeling Powerful + Positive

Continual Letting Go When You're Overwhelmed : stop romanticizing busy

What Are You Telling Yourself? : pay close attention to the stories you tell

5 Questions for a Deeper Year-in-Review : dig deeper, learn more

Self-Control Is Just Empathy for Your Future Self : wow. that's so true.

Journaling Your Way to Success : journaling is more powerful than you think



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"I Was Born a Dreamer" — SHEL
"A Long December" — Counting Crows
"Friends" — Majik
"Green Trees Red Hearts" — Nat Jay
"The New Year" — Death Cab for Cutie
"New Year's Eve"— The Head & the Heart
"Luxuries" — Folded Like Fabric
"I Don't Wanna Live Forever" — Sonna Rele
"Frames" — Luke Thompson
"We Will Run" — Jens Kuross



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Life Word: Discovering Your One
Word to Leave a Legacy
Jon Gordon

Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea
Ben Clanton

The 50 States: Explore the USA
Gabrielle Balkan

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